Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An Open Letter about the 4th of July by Blue

An open letter about the 4th of July by Blue Azul:

I think natives (and Black Americans) can do, feel, act, or react however we want with any of these holidays. Our blood, sweat, and tears have earned us the right to either embrace it or reject it. Sometimes in our cynicism, we forget the fortunate effects of the "now" of living in a country where we can say "Fuck The 4th of July" and "Fuck Thanksgiving" and "Fuck Christmas" publicly and in open forum (visit a comedy open mic lately? It's ALL personal manifestos and NO jokes :-/).

As people of color, we must never forget the great crimes of this nation and the many who suffered and died at the hands of whitey and the white negro. We must honor our heroes and soldiers who fight to protect our nation from the tyranny of capitalism and separatism (Shout out, OBS). But that starts with US, not with "THE U.S.", any president, legislation, or what congress "allows". Fuck that. I'm a human being. If I want freedom, I take it (inspired by Malcolm X). I went through the "Eff all holidays" phase and it was fun and I made my point. My family no longer buys me gifts (thank God) and no longer expects me to be involved in their consumerism and the infamous "I never call you or answer the phone when you call, but if you're not at my house on Christmas, I'm mad at you for a year" bullshit madness. And now that I'm broken from other people's expectations, I can get kids together and sing Christmas Carols with them all over the city if I want...ON THE 4th of JULY! HAHAHAHA #imfantastic

In conclusion, people who feel completely violated by this country...violated in the ass with a broken broomstick and no lubrication...have the first say in how we're going to react to the 4th of July. My suggestion: bbq, play NWA loudly in the park with all your bad assed kids who eat the grass, cuss at and fight your siblings and let grandma threaten to kill all of you for being ungrateful heathens, pull out a deck of cards and teach the youngsters to play bid wiz, let your conspiracy theorist cousin talk your ear off about the latest Illuminati video, and at the end of the night, blow shit up. Make sure to have a PhD, MBA, or MSW on hand to talk to the police. Know history, honor it, don't repeat it, and most importantly: fuck hos. -The Management

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