Friday, August 24, 2012

Why the Internet will prevent WWIII

WOAH!! I just figured out the reason the Internet is changing the world!!!! Here goes:

Before the late 1990s. Our only connection to history was the interpretation of history book writers and our parents'/grandparents' selective memory. However, with the incarnation of the internet, every computer in the world can speak to every other computer and the database of information is stored for an ind
eterminable time, expansively creating an archive of every moment in human existence. With the increased access of computers and internet, people who would not have originally had access to information sharing worldwide are now capable of making their voices heard. As a result, people are forced to recognize that everyone does not necessarily think, act, or believe the same way they do (false consensus). Simultaneously, people are beginning to notice (some sooner than others), that everyone is pretty much the same in terms of basic desires, which personalizes people based on ideas as opposed to appearances.

Also, as a result of all human interaction becoming codified on a worldwide web of computer networks that represent a large portion of the world population, any concept is searchable and arguable. History, as a result, is becoming harder to fabricate and people are being forced to interact with their superstitions and misunderstandings in a very logical way. Take pop culture, for example: it is very difficult to make the argument that things were "better" in previous generations because we can google semblances of reality television from the 1950s in the form of corny game shows and extremely racist/sexist soap operas and family programming (don't you find it interesting that it's referred to as "programming"? I do). Furthermore, per our google searches, we can discover that for every "hit" throughout history, there were about 31,500 copycats that could easily be referred to as misses in every genre of every industry throughout the world.

Even more notably, people are being forced to eat their words, as they type them into public forum almost every hour of every day of their lives. People are beginning to see that civility online protects them more than it does their target of vitriol, as many recent divorce cases, copyright infringement lawsuits, and felony charges were handed down almost flawlessly due to the social networking candor of the parties involved.

In short, the internet finally prevents any thinking person from taking your ridiculousness seriously. In shorter short: I can glean your central nervous system's processing speed from your facebook page...saves me from uncomfortable analog interactions. :-) In even shorter short: don't fight. Google it!

Monday, August 13, 2012

48 Hour Film Project

Before the Madness:

I'm part of a 48 Hour Film Project!!! AAAAAH! Exciting!! I'll be joining some other talented Portland, OR musicians to create an on the spot sound track for a film that will be produced from start to finish in 48 hours from Aug 10-12, 2012. Writers team up with musical folks, techie nerds, and actors to make magic and mayhem. I have no idea what I'm doing or what I've gotten myself into. From what I understand, it's more important to be able to get along with the people you're working with than it is to think on your toes, but it's really, really important to be able to think on your toes. 

After the Madness:
Our team rocked the shit this past weekend, making a film for the 48hr film project. I along with 3 other brilliant musicians/composers put together the score and the cast/crew knocked it out of the park. Wanna see the film? Come to the Hollywood Theatre this Thursday, August 16th at 7pm or 9pm to see all the 48hr Film Projects and vote for your favorite...which will be ours.   

After the Aftermath: 
We won best sound design at Best of Portland. Watch the film: (I did the creepy lady vocals).


Friday, August 3, 2012

COMMANDMENT #12: Thou shalt not mistake Buffoonery Squared for Intelligence Squared

I posted this clip because I thought it was relevant

...out of context. However, in the context of the entire panel discussion, I learned that this program was some BULLSHIT! 
 The panel was framed around a question that violated 2 logical fallacies: False Dilemma: presenting only 2 possible alternatives to a complex situation when there are many more and the alternatives did not covary, and Loaded Question: the question limited discourse by containing a controversial or unjustified assumption. Though the discussion was passed off to the public as being moderated and logical, the arguments on both sides violated 3 logical fallacies: Ad Hominem: the attempt to discredit an opponent by attacking THEM instead of the ARGUMENT, Faulty Cause: substituting association for causation, and Guilt By Association: attempting to discredit an opponent by associating their argument with an undesirable idea or person. According to another viewer of the discussion, "Had this been a collegiate mock trial--all parties would likely be dismissed." In addition, panel presenters had False consensus: the belief that their opinions are ubiquitous to try to pander audience support for their argument, completely devoid of logic. So many argumental fallacies, a clear mismatching of minds and agendas, and a colossal waste of synergy among real artists and thinkers who probably could have used their limited time in a more productive way. I take a HUGE offense to these people engaging in such an unorganized, exploitative, and ridiculous argument: KRS 1, Michael Eric Dyson, Jesse Jackson, Q-Tip, ?uest Love, PJ O'Rourke, Tricia Rose and the list goes on. I have watched, read, and listened to these people and I respect them as forward minds, but to allow themselves to be used to push ignorant ideas and arguments forward is a disgrace to them, a disgrace to communication, and yet another misleading circumstance that the public must sift through as a representation of truth that will continue to lead to the unearthing and overwhelming lack of critical thinking among the populous. In Estelle, KRS1, Q-Tip, and ?uest Love's defense, they attempted to bring the conversation into relevance and were not given the opportunity. However, these people are legitimate artists. NOT ACADEMICS. As a result, the public expectation of them is to make good art, not moderate or offer logical context to a discussion. Prof. Tricia Rose, though sounding intelligent in this soundbyte, did not call this conversation out for being the illogical and ridiculous bullshit that it was and instead, worked very hard to give her opinion about why certain words/expressions should/shouldn't be used and that she should garner some level of respect associated with her title, which is arrogant and pretentious. To engage in an illogical argument in any other way than to expose or correct the direction of the argument towards logic and real understanding violates the pillars of debate, even from a rhetorical perspective. As a Full Professor, she should be ashamed of herself for being so emotionally and agenda driven in such a forum. I have no respect for her as an academic and I will have a hard time taking anything she says seriously in the future.
In short and in conclusion, I think it's more damaging to society to pass off buffoonery as intelligence than to slap a ho in front of your children.