Saturday, June 22, 2013

Told You So.

My "why" fast is over. I almost killed myself because of that fast. And I broke it 24 hours after starting it.

I am a why-asking muthafuckah. That's just who the fuck I am. Oh well.

Suppressed "Whys" by Blue:

1. Q: Why all of a sudden is fb a stickler for "real names"? This has never been a problem before. In fact, we used to change our name every month for no reason at all; just for shits and giggles.

A: Because fb is a data mine that works in concert with the government to collect information on citizens through an opt-in platform. Opt in at your own risk.

2. Q: Why is fb all of a sudden more strict on "tagging?"

A: Because through facebook's "Face Recognition Software", the only way they can be sure that the identities provided match the people identified is by ensuring that the face belongs to the REAL NAME of the person tagged in a photograph. What good is governmentally monitored data mining if the names and faces don't match?

3. Q: Why is Mark Z. doing/allowing all this?

A1: If you believe in the antichrist, it's because Mark Z is the antichrist.
A2: If you believe in Illuminati, it's because Mark Z is Illuminati.
A3: If you believe in Babylon, it's because the government is simply trying to find a reason to discredit the Obama administration and will do whatever it takes, including breaking the law and violating all privacy regulations to date.

If you ever try to do anything important in Babylon, you will have to contact your ol' pal Mark and make sure he doesn't have any pictures of you doing embarrassing things. And if he does, you'll have to pay him for them. Same thing for every other social networking site (or cell phone service) you belong to. I suggest writing a "Tell All Book" before attempting to run for office, clergy, the academy, or anything else for that matter.

You gave your personal info to the grid and now, you are forever under surveillance. We tried to warn you, however, "Told You So" is an immature and petty way to end this conversation...


PS: Wrote an entire album about how to get out. See, I got your back.

On Paula Deen and the "N" Word.

Brief History Lesson on the word "Nigger" by Blue

Did you know that Paula Deen created the word nigger?

Paula Deen went to Africa and bought the first black man who was ever a slave and beat him and called him "nigger" from the Ivory Coast, across the Atlantic Ocean, and all the way to Plymouth Rock. Then, Paula Deen left Plymouth Rock because she didn't want them Plymouth Rock honkies trying to sleep with her slave. So she put her slave in her horse drawn carriage and took him to Savannah Georgia where she discovered pig fat and milk and showed her generosity to the locals by feeding them itis-inducing food and then allowing them to sleep in her freshly cured smallpox blankets. Along with her discovery of pig fat and cow's milk, she also discovered that Nigger (the name she gave her slave because it was just easier to use one name) enjoyed the leftovers, specifically the pig intestines that he gingerly referred to as "chitterlings."
Paula Deen mothered 45 mulatto children with Nigger and fed them all fat and chitterlings. The mulatto children later migrated to Atlanta Georgia where they discovered reality television and now, they make tons of money off of the idle minds of middle America.

If you are one of the many white people who feel persecuted by this New World View of the "N" word, constantly having to adjust your frame of reference for yuppies and uppity black folks who just don't get it, do we have a solution for you! It's The Niggerette Patch. It filters just enough nigger into your system to prevent you from having to blurt it out in mixed company and therefore rendering yourself "politically incorrect". Because God forbid you be politically incorrect. Learn more about The Niggerette Patch in this skit from The Daily Show. Also, keep an eye out for Niggerette Gum. It does the same thing, only it also leaves your breath nigger fresh!*

You're welcome. 


*All opinions, thoughts, writings, musings, videos, etc. are the property of and expressions of Blue (Bluefolktronica) and do not reflect anybody else's views. If you have a problem with the things I write, contact She might give a shit. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Uhuru Rahman

Hey folks,

Got a little more clarity on why my name had to change. Apparently, the book of face monitors posts and my posts pose a threat to the the book of face community. Can't imagine why. So, despite my name being real (and published in The Oregonian, and The Skanner) they use the "your name is not real" argument to get me to give them more information about myself.

Furthermore, for the past year, the book of face has been insisting that we give them more and more information about ourselves in order to filter into their new formatting system: what high school did you go to? Do you know these people? Do you know this person outside of Facebook? Tell us more about your interests! Where were you born? What color is your clitoris when it's fully engorged? Please supply your phone number so you can continue to have access to your account! Not only that, but they have a record of what you look like to go along with all this information...your face. Share at your own risk. I am a threat because I change people's minds in meaningful ways. Animal porn and lewd pictures of women in grocery stores doesn't cause alarms: speaking from the heart, however....So my name on facebook is now Uhuru Rahman. It means "Freedom Servant of God". I think it's fitting.

Words to the wise for social networkers with a purpose:

1. Facebook will delete your account if they don't like your name. I was forced to change my name. They can do so without warning. If facebook is your only or primary electronic social network, you may wanna consider an alternative...ijs (see article)

2. If you are an artist with a fan page, make sure to have multiple administrators. If the administrator's account is shut down for any reason, s(he) will no longer have access to the fan page.

3. As any DIY guide will tell you, FACEBOOK IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR A WEBSITE! Get your own domain and stop being cheap.

You can get a free website through or that will have the host's name in the url.

However, if you want your domain to read [whoiwannabe].com, you can purchase the name for as little as around $15 a year to around $100 a year (or more depending on your goals).

Platforms like, bandzoogle and hostbaby are formatted specifically for music makers. Sites like Wordpress are formatted specifically for writers and bloggers.* iPage is another platform that works well for small businesses. I encourage you to do your own research. There are as many options as there are people on the planet.

Courtesy of The Onion News
4. Remember that pride comes before the fall. If you know that your existence is a threat to everything that Babylon stands on, make sure you know the law and don't get so attached to your ego that you snitch on yourself. Moreover, just don't be stupid. It helps when you stay legal. So don't break the law. So far, you still can't get arrested for free thought. However, you can get arrested for catching water in Arizona.

5. If you're just a renegade, stay offline... or decide to what extent posting your next anti-everything video is worth losing your freedom.

6. If you're really smart, play crazy for the world to see. Or be an artist. Or both.

7. Other options include getting your own server or building your own community IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!!

I leave you this quote by journalist, Bruce Poinsette:

"Facebook is just building Zuckerberg's political capital for whenever people stop fucking with it. All this data mining will be prime for extortion and/or selling to the highest bidder, especially when people stop using the actual network. A friend put it to me like this: anyone who runs for office in 20 years will be at the mercy of Zuckerberg because he owns every embarrassing and/or campaign killer thing they've ever said. Even though he's making billions now, he's actually going to make more in a sustainable way in the long run because his end game is mapped out that well. It's both genius and fucked up at the same time (amazing how that has a way of working out hahaha)."

Is Mark Zuckerberg the anti-Christ? If you believe in that type of thing, then yes. yes he is.**

*Wordpress is a formatting platform that can be hosted by platforms like iPage and goDaddy.
**All opinions, thoughts, writings, musings, videos, etc. are the property of and expressions of Blue (Bluefolktronica) and do not reflect anybody else's views. If you have a problem with the things I write, contact She might give a shit. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Artist" is NOT a Disease!

I began seeking professional help when I was 17 years old. I visited a school counselor because I was feeling suicidal and she laughed at me because my problems couldn'tve been that bad... Since then, I have seeked counseling repeatedly with similar results: I have been turned away with either bullshit diagnoses or an encouragement to meditate and do yoga.

Professionals do not believe me when I tell them my story. They see me in their office and immediately assume the following:
1. I'm delusional
2. I'm poor
3. I'm stupid

When they discover that I am neither of these, they dismiss everything I say with the judgment that "you don't have any problems if you're not on drugs, poor, stupid, a cutter, or visually're wasting our time."

As a result, they will not give me the help I need. I went into the ER yesterday at Providence Hospital, St. Vincents suicide facility. They took my stuff, put it in a locker. Put me into some scrubs, gave me footies. Locked me in a white room that smelled like pee. I was asked "what do you do for a living?" I said "I'm an artist." So then I was asked "so how do you support yourself?" as though I could not POSSIBLY support myself as an artist. After asking me a list of required and irrelevant questions (basically to find out if I'm delusional, poor, or stupid) and not getting answers that were convincing or dramatic enough for their liking, they sent me home with the following diagnosis:

Mood Problems.
Cost: $250

I have the best friends in the whole wide world. However, my friends have their own problems and I need more help than would be fair for them to take on. These are my issues:
1. I am an artist and cannot be controlled. This society is very controlling. More specifically, THIS SOCIETY DOES NOT WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL UNLESS YOU PLAY BY THEIR RULES. Anyone who proclaims that they are an artist and plan to be so professionally will undoubtedly get shit on a regular basis. **HOLLA IF YOU HEAR ME!**
2. As a result of my non-conventional ways and inability to submit to societal standards of behavior, dress, and speech, I am constantly fucked with whenever I leave the house. White bitches pull on my hair. Black bitches yell at me to stop EVERYTHING I'm doing whenever they see me doing something that might make them look bad in the eyes of a white person, should the white person see us together. Black boy bitches constantly express their desire to fuck me and when I don't respond, they call me names or try to intimidate me psychologically and physically. This happens ALL THE TIME. When I tell people this, they tell me to "stop being negative" or "get over it."
I didn't sign up for this. I just wanna make music. So I stay in the house ALL THE TIME making music and isolating myself from the physical world at all costs because who needs that noise?
3. I am successful in my professional and creative life and visibly healthy. As a result, nobody believes me when I tell them that I'm 2 shakes away from jumping off the Hawthorne Bridge. Professionals are not used to handling "artists". They are used to handling drug addicts.

My unique self is very isolating. Isolation is the lead cause of all psychological and sociological disorders.

I got a copy of Street Roots, a resource guide in Portland and looked up "Health Care." I called "Sequoia Mental Health Services" and they transferred me to the Washington County Crisis Center. I finally got an opportunity to talk to a small team of professionals at the Crisis Center who ACTUALLY LISTENED TO ME!!! THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!!!!!

When I began to talk about my life, she didn't dismiss me. She didn't tell me that I don't have a problem because my life is so great. She saw through the superficial bullshit and realized that I need help right away. Tomorrow, a Crisis Team member is coming TO MY HOUSE to talk to me and help me with tools to cope with my issues until my official appointment in 2 weeks.

Cost: $0

"Artist" is not a disease; but a diseased society will drive any artist crazy. -Me

I'll leave you with these words to live by from a brilliant artist, Steve Jobs.

On Television

Inspired by this comment from poet Teddi B Poet: (Thanks Teddi!)

"Hollywood has no responsibility to cast characters in a way that you see fit. Hollywood is a business, and its purpose is to produce profit. This country, as it stands, is built on profit and not on empathy,equality,love,compassion or humanitarianism."

Television was created as a method by which to push the advertisement of products. Marketing researchers learned that if people were entertained, they were more likely to watch advertisements and even buy products based on their level of stimulation while interacting with the products.

In the early days of media advertising, stars of radio shows would make announcements about the sponsors of their programs in clever, sing-songy ways. Today, such advertisements are either pronounced through "commercials" or strategic product placement within your favorite shows. Seinfeld, a great satire about absolutely nothing, was on air for so long partially because it was hilarious and partially because every episode was littered with product placement, all the way down to conversations in the script:

Today, as in the days of radio, television, movies, commercials, and everything you see or hear in media is designed to sell products which you buy need them...right? Subsequently, researchers know who the largest buying audience is and they know what that buying audience responds to...and it ain't pretty black girls with dreadlocks talking about empowering people.

You may be thinking: "There aren't commercials in movies! Now you're just being a conspiracy theorist. Blue, stop trying to make arguments about things just because you think you have something to prove!"

Well, because all of this is not-so-common knowledge, yet common enough for others to create compilations of it, I bring you "Product Placement in Movies," straight from the bowels of Youtube, the latest and greatest in manipulating your perception:

Way I see it, if you don't like something, do it yourself...or as the saying goes, "if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself." Or, we can unplug because nothing in media is designed for human sustainability. It is designed to create the perfect citizen. The perfect citizen is an archetype. It has nothing to do with our feelings, beliefs, culture or values. It has to do with creating a mindless group of humans who will work for the least pay possible to keep them from revolting while buying way more than they need by thinking they need it and consequently, remaining in debt to the system for their entire natural life!! Teddi B Poet approves this message!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Give a fuck? Moi? Not since 1992.

When I was about 10 years old, my mother got drunk and beat me. This was not the first time. It wasn't the last. But this was the first time I didn't resist or try to escape. I fell limp. She hit me and my body moved with the direction of her aggression. She demanded I stand up. I did not. She continued to hit me over and over again. My crime: I left my bedroom in the middle of the night to pee.

Most nights when my mother was drinking, I would play possum in my room...even if it started as early as 6:00 in the evening. I would lay in my bed with the lights off and pretend to be sleep until the following morning. To this day, I can sleep for 12 hours straight, no chaser. I would have dreams of monsters watching over me, waiting for me to move in bed so that they would have reason to steal my soul. As long as I stayed perfectly still, I would survive until the morning.

But this time, I just couldn't hold my urine any longer. It was about 10pm and my mother was singing loudly in the living room. The music was blasting and the walls to my bedroom shook. All the lights in the house were out. I had 2 choices: pee on myself in the bed or sneak to the bathroom and hope she didn't hear nor see me.
I chose not to pee in the bed. I was punished severely.

And I went limp. I was tired of fighting. I had no idea that in that moment, I had relinquished my will to survive. Had I known, I would have killed my mother that night.

Fastforward to December 31, 2011. I am 29 years old. I am very successful on paper and it means nothing to me. I am a shell of a human. I sit across from my mother at the Bread Co. for lunch and I ask her, "Why did you do this to me." She looks at me with wide eyes, a hint of confusion, and responds, "I don't know what you're talking about."**
**Alcoholism, drug use and abuse, and psychological disorders are a debilitating element of this culture. In America, we are told to isolate ourselves. "Be the Best!" "Pull Yourself Up from your Bootstraps!" "Rugged Individualism!" As a result, we end up with a broken society that lacks community and love. My mother was not a bad person.  She was a depressed woman who turned to alcoholism to cope. I am also depressed. The difference is that I turn to creativity to cope.  These things don't stop until we stop them. We stop them by being courageous and telling our stories, learning that our stories are, in fact, the stories of many others. We build community from our pain. This post is not intended to vilify my mother. It is merely my story. I will not sugar coat my story inasmuch as I will not lie to make myself look "better" than I am. There is no such thing as "better" or "worse" humans. We are all one.  
Oftentimes have I heard you speak of one who commits a wrong as though he were not one of you, but a stranger unto you and an intruder upon your world.
But I say that even as the holy and the righteous cannot rise beyond the highest which is in each one of you,
So the wicked and the weak cannot fall lower than the lowest which is in you also.
And as a single leaf turns not yellow but with the silent knowledge of the whole tree,
So the wrong-doer cannot do wrong without the hidden will of you all.
Like a procession you walk together towards your god-self.
You are the way and the wayfarers.
And when one of you falls down he falls for those behind him, a caution against the stumbling stone.
Ay, and he falls for those ahead of him, who though faster and surer of foot, yet removed not the stumbling stone.
-Khalil Gibran on Crime And Punishment

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why ask "Why" when you can just say "Whatever."

The academy has destroyed my sense of "It is what it is" by constantly berating me with "Whys". Why did this happen? Explain why that happened. Backup your theory by explaining "Why!" Go deeper. Think harder. Don't just do things. Also examine WHY I do them. Well, congratulations graduate school (and my sister for constantly asking me why I do every fucking thing I do and me falling into the trap of thinking I'm supposed to answer her questions simply because she asked them). I am officially a why-thinking-question-answering muthafuckah who gets on peoples nerves because I always have an answer. Now, I have no friends.

As the result of a suggestion from Long, a pimp doctor from Vietnam, I have decided to take a "Why" fast for the rest of this week. It is Tuesday.

My "WHY" fast is off to a rocky start! I've caught myself asking "Why" questions and stopped. It's harder than I thought.


I want to respond. I consider that this is a clear example of a "Why" question. Furthermore, I read some of the comments underneath her post and folks are quoting Eminem, the Bible, talking about blasphemy and what not. I really wanna go in. But instead of answering, I respond with the following,
"I have an answer, but I'm not answering or asking "Why" questions for the rest of the week. "Why say "Why" when you can just say "Whatever." -Long, The Pimp Doctor"

She liked that answer. I think this "No More Why" exercise is gonna do me some good. 


Monday, June 17, 2013

On Black Women loving Black Men

This one's for the Babylonians:

On Black Women proclaiming their love for Black Men:

I get it. It's beautiful. But you know who else loves Black Men?
1. White American women
2. Chinese women
3. Native American women
4. Canadian women
5. French women
6. Japanese women
7. Filipino women
8. Mexican women
9 Hawaiian women
10. Brazilian women
11. Argentinian women
12. Alaska Natives
13. Indian women
14. Other Polynesian women
15. Caribbean women
16. Vietnamese women
17. And all the men from these places. (just name a country: they love black men).

Trust me ladies, black men are not struggling in the relationship or love department. The only people who don't love black men are straight, white Babylonian men. Know why? Because women know that black men have bigger penises than everybody, so they get first pick of all the women as a result of it. This is why black men are enemies of the state in the eyes of Babylon. This is also why Babylon builds tall buildings. Because if you ain't got it naturally, fabricate it with steel and concrete reinforcements!

While you love black men and want to show them that, black men are insisting that you straighten your hair, lose weight, shave your vagina, dress up, and be lighter skinned with longer hair so that you look more like white women. Then you spend all your money on shit to "whiten" yourself and complain about it instead of simply going to get yourself a man who loves you and stop worrying about what the fuck he looks like.

If you want to "fight" for your black men, make sure they get to school. Make sure they get to library. Make sure they learn the law. Make sure they eat more than just fried chicken, pizza, and burgers all the damn time. These things may save their lives.

If you want to get married, then choose a proper mate and get married because "black men" ain't trippin' off you for real.

Blue, what's your point: My point is that if we define ourselves by the color of our skin, we are subjecting ourselves to live the life of a stereotype. We can't stop others from looking at us and making decisions about it. However, what excuse can we make if we do the same thing?



P.S. To all the Afrikan men who want to marry Afrikan women and build Afrikan communities, join your woman in the kitchen and help her cook a healthy meal for your family. Then, rub her feet because she'll need that.

There is no such thing as race. It was created to separate and destroy you. #weareone

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day?

 THANK YOU: to all the Fathers who have supported me, loved me, mentored me, guided me, and made me feel wanted in their lives, even when no one asked them to. It is these wonderful Men who have made the difference in my life and continue to do so. 
"Fathers Day 2013" has conjured up more controversy than I've seen in my relatively short, yet somewhat middle-aged life. Some are saying, "I've been the mother and the father, so happy Fathers Day to the single mothers."
Some are saying, "Give fathers their due credit. No one does this type of thing on Mother's Day. A mother is still not a father and your bitterness with regards to your father-situation, or choices in men is a bad look."**

**NOTE: Both men and women have expressed both opinions

I say: As it regards any Babylonian holiday, you have the right to feel, respond, act, or not respond at all in whatever way you feel is right for you. Every perspective has the right to be expressed. No one should be silenced or made to feel bad because their daddy (or babies' daddy) was not there or was abusive or any other thing that happens a lot in American society. The results of the breakdown of the family and the 1980s crack epidemic are showing up in a big way. These consequences of family breakdowns will only repeat again if we continue to silence those who have perspectives that aren't "positive" enough for your social network perusing.

Everybody's life and experience is different. Everyone is not like you. Learn to respect that other opinions and perspectives exist and live your life to edify your values without imposing your value system on others.

In short, live and let live.

To the single mothers whose boyfriends and husbands left them with no support, I STAND WITH YOU.

To the young women who were raped and abandoned, I STAND WITH YOU

To the young men and women who were abused, raped, and killed by their mothers and fathers, I STAND WITH YOU

To the children who go to sleep crying at night from various levels of abuse in their household, I STAND WITH YOU

To the fathers who were denied access to their children due to manipulation and lies, I STAND WITH YOU

To the fathers who work diligently to uplift ALL the children in their communities, I STAND WITH YOU.

To the mothers who had to play both roles in the raising of their children whether a man was there or not, I STAND WITH YOU. 

To the single fathers who had to play both roles to support, nurture, and make a difference in their children's lives, I STAND WITH YOU.

To the non-traditional families that operate out of LOVE towards the development of dynamic children who become dynamic adults in our communities, I STAND WITH YOU.

On this day and all others, LET YOUR STORY BE HEARD. Do not allow others to intimidate you into silence. Your perspective is POWERFUL. Your life story is NECESSARY for OUR COLLECTIVE GROWTH. You are not a villain. You are not a nuisance. You are not a problem. You are not bitter. You are not "a bad look". It is not your responsibility to protect those who have wronged you. It is your responsibility to TELL YOUR STORY that others may be HEALED by your testimony to CONTINUE LIVING REGARDLESS.

How to Be a G

How to Be a G lesson #22537

Do NOT attempt to insult other people when, in fact, you are the dumb one.

I posted ""Natural" is not a movement. Stop it. All of you." on my muthafuckin' facebook page.

Some cybernigga who calls himself Citizen Dame responds with "u gotta realize who ur directing this stat too, ni66as(sheep) will latch on to anything and make it a fad and dog it to death..."

So I respond with "I don't have to realize anything."

To which he responds, "looked like u realized it enough to post the stat. ijs"

Now, his ass coulda been saved from a blast had he simply said "you're right." or "much respect" or "right on sis" or any other simple note of solidarity, but instead, he had to establish some sense of relevance or disagreement in order to appeal to an audience that may see him posting on my facebook page talking shit that makes absolutely no sense that he doesn't even understand himself. I am not directing this stat toward "sheep" or "ni66as" or any muthafuckin other microsector of ignorant society. I directed this post to everyone it applies to. And if it doesn't apply, it's simply a matter of shit not applying. Nobody needs a cosign. And if I tell you I don't need a cosign, then SHUT THE FUCK UP!

The original implication in the post is that "Natural" is, in fact, not a movement. It is not something anyone has to "realize" or "come to" or "latch on to". Natural simply means that I woke up this morning and didn't do shit. It's cyberniggas like Citizen Dame who read 1 or 2 books and determines that he's an expert on some shit that has nothing to do with him, only to sound like a damn fool. Now, it's not his sounding like a damn fool that lead to the blast. It was his disrespect of me because I AM NOT THE MUTHAFUCKA TO FUCK WITH!!! GUARANTEED!!!!

To all the cyberniggas out there: I AM NOT TALKING TO YOU. If you don't see yourself in my writings it's because you're not there. To respond to my manifestos in a way that implies divergence from my intention; something that is not only my truth, but the truth of many people in many places; will simply be my playground for BLAST OF THE WEEK because if there were a "Petty Award", I would win it every year.

I would like to dedicate this song to Citizen Dame and everyone else who is so determined to prove that they're relevant that they relegate themselves to simply looking fucked up and expecting others to cater to their ignorance because they read just enough books to get the "lingo" but not enough books to get the "logic."

Ladies and gentlemen: HOW TO BE A G. (Spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with fucking with me).

One day, niggas gon learn. Until then, I'ma just have fun on the internet. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fuck Deodorant

A little info about me:

I don't have much of an identity. I don't have a sense of "this is who I am, and therefore, this is what I expect". I simply walk through life and respond to what happens the way a child or animal would. As a result, injustices against me don't make sense to me. Since they don't make sense to me, I make mockeries of them. Sometimes, names and id numbers get dropped. I have no sense of discretion as I am not aware of what humans think is discrete. Way I figure, if you do/say it, it happened/was said. I have no respect of persons. I also lack diplomacy, tact, deference, and I am not polite. As a result of the qualities I lack, I avoid people on a regular basis. I do not fuck with people. I do not spend substantial amounts of time in places where people might be. If there is an interaction between me and another human, it is the direct result of that human being either (a) between me and my food or (b) fascinated by my appearance or personality. I have no sense of social hierarchy. I am also extremely neurotic, inappropriate, and crass without borders.

If any of the above statements are a problem to you, I suggest you run far, far, far away from me. If you see me near you, avoid me. You'll know if I'm in the area because you can smell me. I do not wear deodorant and I only shower on Thursdays.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You Just Wanna Fuck.

A woman on facebook noted "if a man asks me "can you cook", I'm gonna ask him, "can you buy groceries?""

Clever retort. And then, some guy in her feed said, "and I would respond "and I will cook for you.""

**BUZZER** Wrong response. Fellas: It is disrespectful and in bad taste to meet a woman and ask if she can cook. When you meet a woman, ask her if you can cook for her or take her for a meal. Otherwise, you're already in her "not worth my time" category. I'm sure there are women who woke up this morning and said to themselves "Today, I'm gonna find somebody to cook for." We call these women "community service activists" and you can find them volunteering at soup kitchens all over America. However, many women you might meet on the street have more things to think about than who they're gonna cook for next.

I can hear the men grumbling now. "Why I gotta take her for food and I don't even know if she'll be worth the $20 at Applebees!" ---this attitude lets me know that you're really bad at picking women because if you knew that your decisions were good, you'd have no problem snagging a winning investment. If the Applebees comment was even remotely anything that you might have been thinking as a result of my original comment about the disrespectful nature of asking a woman if she can cook, then the following is true of you:

YOU JUST WANNA FUCK. Now go get a ho. Hos don't need dinner and movies. But from what I hear, hos do love roses.

You're welcome. 


Q: But what about the women who just want to f***? Are they the "hos" that you speak of??

A: Women who just want to fuck are women who just want to fuck. The difference between men who want to fuck and women who want to fuck is that women who want to fuck are fucking and men who want to fuck are asking women who want relationships if they can cook.

Be honest about what you want. Whether a man or a woman, wear a t-shirt that says "I just wanna fuck" if that's what the fuck you want! If somebody gets upset about your T-shirt, fuck em!!!

Let us also not confuse "women who want to fuck" with "ho". I have been very intentional about my definitions in the past, so please allow me to remind you what a "ho" is:
Ho: someone who willingly sells their soul to the devil
The devil: whitey
Whitey: any human who has adopted a separatist, white supremacist ideology, which is manifested through imperialist ideology, or any race, class, or privilege structure that exists in the whole world.
Race/Class/Privilege: a system of separating people based on varying levels of "I'm better than you" mentality. A function of the ego.
Ego: fear
Fear: opposite of love
Love: God.

**the questioner was still not satisfied, so this whole shit continued**

Q: Is it only hos that like to f***? If so, does that mean that hos can't have relationships? 'Cause I'm always "seeing" folks in relationships talking about f***ing.

A: The problem is deception. A NIGGA who is asking a woman if she can cook is, in fact, a ho looking for someone to sell his soul to.
Explanation: Now, this is the deeper shit that's gonna make me start sounding crazy to stupid people, so you keep reading, but allow the stupid people to go back to sleep: These niggas out here (niggas are people who love ignorance) are afraid that people may discover that they're ignorant (which is why they work very hard to prove that they're smart, despite results in their life showing something quite to the contrary). In order to maintain the front of perceptible intelligence (which is only even marginally believed by people who are even more ignorant than they, who may not be niggas, but may just be on their knowledge quest and therefore naive and gullible until they learn more) niggas must engage in perpetual deception. In attempting to deceive those who are also ignorant with a false intelligence, they also achieve the great, and most unfortunate, feat of convincing themselves that they are, in fact, intelligent. However, since this is all a cavalcade of lies, it becomes part of the deception to try to convince the world that they are searching for relationships when they are, in fact, simply looking for someone to fuck. Then, the average person confuses a ho (someone who sold their soul to Babylon) with people who like to fuck (or people who enjoy having consensual, and sometimes ravenous, sex with other people). Then, you end up with young people thinking that a "good girl" or "good boy" is someone who refrains from having sex until they're married or only has sex with 1 person in their entire life and then has 2.5 children and picket fence and so on. The real problem is that the niggas just never learned to read or do basic math and because they got older, it became a source of shame and embarrassment so, instead of going to a GED program or adult reading classes, they made up their own language which is full of inconsistent bullshit that no one can decipher because at the root of it is deception. And this is why no member of any fraternity or sorority will let you read their "sacred book" or whatever. Real knowledge can't wait to spread the Gospel because it knows that the only truth is Love. Everything else is a lie. Bullshit must stay hidden or else the purveyors of bullshit (or niggas) will be exposed of their shameful ignorance. This is the foundation of all organized religion and superficial social hierarchy. TADA!

The Golden Rule: Treat Others The Way You Would Treat A Rich White Man

I do what I do as a representation of freedom from the many silencers that have been placed on us as women, SPECIFICALLY women of color in our interactions with men and majority group members. Every time we are aggressed toward, we take on the burden of silence in order to protect our abusers from exposure. Heinously, other women of color will attempt to silence us by making us feel like traitors to our culture for outing men of color AND white people. Fuck that. If you abuse me in any way, I will drop your first and last name and picture all over all of my social media platforms AND radio. I also will tell local newspapers. I encourage all other women of color to
 do the same. It is your silence that makes you a victim. Give a name and a face to your abusers. These are not hypothetical situations and should not be treated as such. YOU DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO DESERVE BEING ABUSED!!!! Furthermore, IT IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT YOUR ABUSERS!!! And just because nobody took a crowbar to your jaw does not mean that you weren't abused. Here is a list of common abuses toward women of color that are swept under the rug simply because it wasn't legally considered battery, sodomy, or kidnapping:

 1. Coercion into undressing or being touched against her will.
2. Touching her hair without her permission.
3. Touching any part of her without her permission outside of the "safe zones" that include shoulders, hands, and upper arms (basically, if you wouldn't touch your white male boss that way, you don't have the right to touch anyone that way without their permission. Yes white women, this includes you and your fascination with black hair).
4. Grabbing her in a public place to dance or anything else (again, if you wouldn't grab your white male boss in a situation, you don't have the right to grab anyone that way without their permission).
5. Yelling on the street or in a public place at her and when ignored, expressing discontent. Sometimes, obscenities are yelled, but even if it is not obscene, it is still psychological abuse (again, if you wouldn't do it to your white male boss, don't do it to anyone).
6. Ignoring her feelings or points of view when such a dismissal would be detrimental to her well being or social/professional self actualization. (#white male boss...starting to get the idea?)
7. Unsolicited compliments of her body parts. And it doesn't matter what she's wearing (would you do it to your white male boss? Yes the white male boss element is a reoccurring theme).
8. No means no.
9. Staring at her for a prolonged period of time. Yes, this is an aggressive move. How would you like it if a man stared at you for an extended period of time and licked his lips? WHAT Blue? Are you suggesting that people exercise discipline over their animalistic instinctual tendencies when interacting with people they don't know? YES!!! YES!!! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I'M SAYING!!!
10. Coercion (verbally or physically) into going from one place to another place against her will.

The list can literally go on forever, but it comes down to this: TREAT WOMEN OF COLOR THE SAME WAY YOU WOULD TREAT YOUR WHITE MALE BOSS UNLESS YOU HAVE EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT TO DO OTHERWISE. Did I just say express written consent? Yes. Yes I did. You can't go wrong with express written consent. No, this is non-negotiable unless you are dealing with hos. Cuz hos just wanna fuck. So if you just wanna fuck, stop complaining about hos because you chose the hos. The beautiful, intelligent, incredible, artistic, dynamic, and exceptional women of color are not ever going to be interested in you if you do anything listed above when you meet them. Guaranteed.

You're welcome.

Note: All but #9 are technically grounds for arrest and can lead to criminal charges. All a woman would have to do is have a better lawyer than yours and you can be looking at 5-15 years for everything on this list, even if you're married.

When in doubt, pretend I'm a rich white guy when you meet me. It'll all be clear after that.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quentin Tarantino says...

wondered: what is the correlation between Republicans and Christianity. Then, I wondered: what is the correlation between Democrats and Atheism...because despite the ridiculousness of these relationships, the media...and a lot of American citizens...seem to make these connections with great intention. And if it's so important that these connections are made, what is the intention behind making these connections?

Is it that the "powers that be" want us to connect "conservativism" with upholding the Bible, aka, God's Word and diminishing liberals to simply "baby killers" "potheads" and "sodomists"? Or is it that the "powers that be" want us to connect "liberalism" with upholding free thought, scholarship and liberation while reducing conservatives to "Bible thumping lunatics"?

Then I thought: I and many other people of color in America really don't give a shit about politics. We're too busy simply trying to live our lives without being profiled, shot at, arrested, beat up, targeted at airports, criminalized, drugged by doctors, pulled over, jailed, blamed, killed by drones, having our houses raided and bombed, shot in the back by police, shot by scaredy white neighbors, accused of rape, accused of murder, vilified, antagonized, overcharged, underpaid, robbed, followed around in stores, humiliated, dehumanized, refused medical attention, unprotected, and having our humanity and cultural practices reduced to "nuisances".

Well, my thinking brought me to a theory. The theory is as follows:
This is Babylon. In Babylon, whitey is searching for a savior...a way to rectify guilt. For the right wing, that savior is Jesus. For the left, that savior is social justice.

So I beseech all ye who give a shit: do not impede whitey from his salvation. Let him do what him do. Him need it to get into heaven. But don't get caught up in his fight. That's his fight. Not yours.

"Now, all you black folks, I suggest you get away from all these white folks!" -Quentin Tarantino

Just a thought.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Q: Blue! Why do you hate white people???

Q: Blue! Why do you hate white people?

A: I don't hate white people. I dislike all people. The only people I will ever complain about are people who fuck with me endlessly with no prompts. The most audacious and entitle-minded of these is white americans. I also don't like Portuguese people. However, I don't have a problem with Portuguese people because Portuguese people don't fuck with me and try to touch my hair, look down my throat,and reach into my vagina. However, if I lived in Portugal, I would probably encounter Portuguese people who fucked with me endlessly in which case my musings would look very anti-Portuguese. However, I doubt that Portuguese people have exoticized someone who looks like me to the extent that white people have exoticized people who look like me since the beginning of white people. And when I say "white people" I mean people who identify as "white". A melanin challenged individual from Ireland refers to him or herself as "Irish" until repeated issues of terf wars begin between themselves and someone who they would identify as black. If you want to continue being ignorant, do so. But know that I won't cater to your ignorance. Sorry.

I don't know too many black folks who deal with a lot of white folks outside of the job. I'm just the only person who looks like what you call "Black" who will tell you the truth to your face and on facebook and youtube and sing songs about the shit to make sure it really gets through.

Black people neither like nor trust white people in general and if you all disappeared, we wouldn't even notice. The great paradox is that white people feel the same way about every person of color in America. Stop lyin. You hate each other. Now go live your lives and stop trying to be friends unless that shit happens naturally over a couple 40s and a guitar or however else you get down. You do not have to be cool with everybody nor do you have to bring the world together in peace. It ain't gonna happen. Furthermore, happy people don't fuck with people. Do what you want to do in life and stop caring what other people say and think. That way, you'll be happy and won't have time to fuck with other people and ask them how they got their hair so nice because you will be too preoccupied with loving on your own hair. 

Apparently, the notion of not giving a fuck and living your own fucking life to your own fucking pleasure is a mystery to white women, black women who secretly want to be white women and men who can't manage to get their dick sucked on a regular. I understand this because I study history and culture. Study history and culture. It helps. Oh, and if you can't manage to get your dick sucked, it's not women. It's you. If I can pull chicks, anybody can. Stop being a dickwad douchebag asshole and you just might get your dick sucked by a woman who will help you achieve your goals in life outside of just getting your dick sucked. If a happily married man comments on this in disagreement, I'ma really have to wonder whether or not he's retarded. This is another example of shit simply not applying. 

And for all those who think I shouldn't say such things: fuck you. The internet is big and nobody asked you to come here. You know you like reading this shit so shut the fuck up and enjoy the view.

What do you want to be when YOU grow up?

We are often asked as children "What do you want to be when you grow up?" As innocuous as this question may seem, it is one of the first opportunities adults take to try to control and manipulate people, which they do because they feel a lack of control in their own lives. If you give the wrong answer, they try to steer you in a direction that seems more "reasonable". Eventually, you learn the right types of answers to give: doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief. Then as you get older, you learn to modify your answer to be more specific and, therefore, more impressive: brain surgeon, IRS agent, college professor. Yet while these questions are dolled out, very rarely do adults ACTUALLY work to prepare you for these magnificent titles they've helped cajole you to iterate...preparations like shadowing an IRS agent for the day, visiting colleges, or sitting in one of those audiences while someone actually commits surgery on a guy's very least, watching a discover channel expose on it or investing in a good set of encyclopedias.

So this is what they do to us: they cajole us into giving them the answers that are suitable for them without ever actually giving a shit about what we really want to do when we grow up. And we let them do it because us, right?

Look, if you want a child to know what they should be when they grow up, be a good dictatorial parent and simply say "This is what you're going to be when you grow up." then make it happen and stop fucking around with the "want" question. You're bullshitting and it's fucking up humanity. I'm sure Richard Williams, Matthew Knowles, Earl Woods, and Joe Jackson would agree.

TO THE KIDS: adults do not give a fuck what you want and they CERTAINLY don't give a fuck what you want to be when you grow up. Figure that shit out on your own. Then find someone who can help and advocate for you, train, and tell your parents whatever they need to hear to be satisfied. If you're undeniably good, nobody will fuck with you. In the meantime, just be a good human, stay under the radar, get good grades, and try not to piss too many people off. Your sentence is 18 years. After that, you're free. Considering that you'll have room and board provided, it's actually not that bad a deal so deal with it and move on.

NOTE: I'm sure some loving parents who actually care about their children will disagree. Have you ever considered that you aren't the only adults your children will interact with during their childhood? Chew on that and get back to me. As many fucked up people as you interact with on a regular basis is the same number of fucked up people your child will interact with on a regular basis...AND their children.

Without a vision, the children parish. And yes, children are people.


Monday, June 3, 2013

BREAKAGE: A Hitchhiker's Guide to Babylon, The Musical

The patriarchal, white supremacist, capitalist, imperialistic world that I came up in has finally driven me to a break. This world is no longer tolerable and I truly need to get the fuck out. As a result, I've been studying exit strategies and would like to share them through an album entitled Breakage: A Hitchhiker's Guide to Babylon, The Musical.
This musical has 5 chapters, but exists in 3 parts: an introduction to Babylon, a breakaway from the bullshit, and finally, a realization of what the protagonist must do.

Trek 1: The Universal American Mainstream Love Song. Folks tell me I'd be more "successful" if I wrote music that was more "universal". Whatever universal story that makes everyone run and buy your music is not my story, so I can't tell it. What I can tell is this universal truth: that people are full of shit. This is the song about it.

Trek 2: No Direction Home, The Babylonian Encounter. After experiencing the Universal American Mainstream, the protagonist realizes that assimilation is not an option. Furthermore, identification with any superficial group is futile. The protagonist's sole purpose is to get the fuck out of Babylon. Help is appreciated. Non-sense is not. This piece represents a bastardization of everything that is indigenous, lovely, and human. It's a "backwards beauty".

Trek 3: Zombified: Meeting up Justin Bridges, fellow hitchhiker on the road, the protagonist pleads for direction from the zombies, only to realize that no one has the answers.

Trek 4: The Hitchhiker's Guide, Chapter 1: The protagonist, understanding that she cannot get answers from other hitchhikers who are in as dire straits as she, turns to her trusty guide and meditates. The guide knows the way.

Trek 5: Ode to the Neo Negro: The most deadly and destructive member of Babylon, the Neo Negro, has the powers to destroy the protagonist from the inside out. Though this Neo Negro seems to sympathize with the hitchhiker on the surface, once allowed to sing his anthem, the protagonist becomes clear that this traveler is to do her no good.

Trek 6: Bitches Be Trippin: A choir of sorts meets the protagonist on the road to remind her that Neo Negroes are not the only threat. Bitches and hos, in fact, are a leading cause of distraction on the road out of Babylon. You know them because they're broke, rightfully so.

Trek 7: The Hitchhiker's Guide, Chapter 2: A solidification of the lessons learned so far. A confirmation.

Trek 8: GTFOHWTBS: The protagonist finally sees Babylon for what it is and speaks out.

Trek 9: The Hitchhiker's Guide, Chapter 3: Feeling vulnerable from her most recent outburst, the protagonist refers once again to her trusty Guide. Sometimes, frequent checks are needed in uncertain terrain.

Trek 10: The Aristocrats: Babylonian captive Tasha Jones greets our protagonist on her journey. Having been in these parts for many years, she is familiar with the evil that dwells in the soil. Her passionate, forthright declaration and plea for freedom shakes our protagonist to the core, reminding her that her journey is neither in vain, nor for personal gain.

Trek 11: Spider Web: A playful tune. Our protagonist comes across an existential spider who wants to get in where he's not wanted. Politely, she tells him, "I will [kill you]."

Trek 12: The Rain Is Coming: Having met with a plethora of peculiar and wayward hitchhikers who have no idea what they're hitchhiking from (the road is rather crowded. All on it are generally confused), the hitchhiker reminds those who are Babylonian converts that their transgressions of old have, in fact, ill prepared them for the road ahead. Comrade Rasheed Jamal hears her proclamation and cosigns.

Trek 13: Don't Get Your Ass Beat: Every free radical has her fair share of encounters with the Order Keepers. Order Keepers do not work to uphold the common good. They merely work to uphold the status quo. In Babylon, the status quo is evil, and therefore, the Order Keepers are evil. But there are some precautionary measures that anyone can take to keep from having an encounter go sour.

Trek 14: The Hitchhiker's Guide, Chapter 4: So much has transpired since the last reference to her trusty guide. Our protagonist almost forgot where to turn for direction. However, just in time to prevent utter self destruction, the guide has returned with The Way.

Trek 15: The Cat Song: Our journey takes a turn and our protagonist begins to believe that she's gone crazy. How could it be possible that everyone she meets in Babylon is evil? Well, it's possible. And it's true. However, the escape is much less of a physical one than was originally predicted. Upon enlightenment, the protagonist turns to her fellow hitchhikers and begins to reflect on the internal struggles that are the key to the door that unlocks freedom.

Trek 16: Wandering: fellow traveler and sage Orlando Saxton creates the soundscape for what would forever be recognized as our protagonists' "breakthrough". Finally, she can see the light.

Trek 17: Paper Trail: Now that the light has been shown, our protagonist knows exactly what to do to get the fuck out of Babylon. With the help of Swami Lyfestile and soundologist Austin (Centipede) Carter, fellow hitchhikers are given good, sound, life saving information, specifically, to leave a paper trail, not just to satiate the Order Keepers, but to also provide clues for future Babylonian refugees.

Trek 18: The Hitchhiker's Guide, Chapter 5: "The force is within you!" Having learned the lessons needed to move forward, our protagonist is now prepared to take the unthinkable journey.

Trek 19: I'm Entertaining: But what's an unthinkable journey without a little entertainment? ......TO BE CONTINUED

This captivating 5 act musical chronicles the journey of 1 woman who struggled diligently to get the fuck out of Babylon. On the way, she meets a plethora of peculiar personalities, including the ill-fated, confused, yet righteously indignant inhabitants of Babylon, the clever, conniving Neo Negro, some wayward revolutionaries, an existential spider, and other disillusioned hitchhikers traipsing along the dry, blustering road (or wet if you're in Portland). In her pointed interactions with friend and foe, our adorable anti-hero learns a few lessons, shares a few laughs, and discovers that the journey of a million miles always lands you right back where you started...with yourself. As is customary on any hitch-hike, the traveler is strapped with her trusty guide which actually talks!! Amazing? Only one way to find out...

No animals were harmed in the making of this photograph. The coyote was killed in a car accident. He was allegedly doing 80 in a 40. Photo by Travis Stanton. Costume by MetroBoutique. Backdrop by the great state of Oregon



Google it to find it EVERYWHERE ON THE INTERNET!

White Identity = White Supremacy.

Speaking of black and white:

These terms only exist in the context of supremacist ideology...which only exists in the context of segregation. Segregation exists in this country as a product of racism which exists as a result of slavery, genocide, internment camps, wars, bombings and all the other horrible shit that this country was founded on.

If we were really one people, the United States would look like Brazil or Trinidad and Tobago.

Again, please, stop being naive. Stop trying to hold on to your anti-racism when you're as racist as they come. "White people" are simply afraid of no longer being white as a result of REAL INTEGRATION...which just means everybody's fuckin' each other with no boundaries.

In Brazil, 2 black as night people can give birth to a snow white baby. Furthermore, 2 white people in these integrated countries can also give birth to a baby that's black as onyx. This is commonplace in Brazil, Trinidad, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, India, etc. Hate, of course, exists everywhere, so SHADISM often becomes an issue among community members and even siblings as a result of GLOBAL white supremacist ideology. The system of class appointment based on skin color within a society is called a PIGMENTOCRACY. Many times, these lighter skinned community and family members leave their families to forge relationships with others who identify as white without ever revealing the truth of their heritage in a practice called PASSING. It works until a black baby shows up. HAHAHAHHAA!

There happens to be some loving Afrikans who are really light skinned with really straight hair. These people don't refer to themselves as white. They refer to themselves as human. I fux with these humans. I don't fuck with white people because white people are racist: to identify as WHITE is to identify as SEPARATE and once you separate yourself, you internalize that your group is better than other groups which is the definition of SUPREMACIST IDEOLOGY (think about the Black Greeks. Everybody's cool until sophomore year...then, the fighting begins).

In conclusion, be a better human and you'll attract better humans. 

Learn more about PIGMENTOCRACIES in this brillilant documentary entitled "Shadeism"


Why Black Men Date White Women...

People are so short sighted as to believe that humanity is a selective behavior...

The MYTH that successful black men date white women and therefore, there aren't enough black men to go around for black women is, in fact, a MYTH. Propaganda. Television. You have been fooled. People date people they like. Then, they have sex. Then, they get pregnant. Then, they get married. That's the way it's done. That's the way it's always been done. That's the way it will always be done. Future oriented folks marry before they get pregnant, but most of us are hedonists, so deal with it.

During slavery, you had black African folks in the fields and white folks in the house. If a white woman showed up with a black baby, it was evidence of adultery and the entire household was thrown into racism-confrontation...which, just like today, is very uncomfortable for white folks. Racism confrontation compounded with adultery was a recipe for severe punishment of both parties involved.

Keep in mind that an African who created a bi-racial baby 500 years ago just created a black baby. Today, since we're all a little mixed up, to have a bi-racial baby is to have what is now considered a "mixed" baby, but back then, you couldn't really tell the difference between most "mixed" people and most "black" people and by the time a really light skinned-good-haired-baby showed up on the plantation, the original transgressors were either dead or sold. Black folks run the gamut in skin tone, hear texture, etc. because the genetic code for every race exists within their DNA.

Remember the term "Mamma's baby, daddy's maybe"? As long as the baby looked like it might have been daddy's, momma was off the hook. Everybody would come up with excuses to keep the community together. Blacks just noticed that field negroes simply got lighter and lighter as time went on...then you end up with folks that look like me...what? you thought that lighter skin over time within a family line was just a compounding effect of living in the American environment? Stop being naive. That shit still happens today, so stop frontin'.

White folks can't just show up with a black baby because white people cannot produce black people. Black people can show up with mixed babies and it simply be an effect of being black. As a result, the "black-male-white-female" union and resulting babies have been emphasized in this culture and are primarily under attack. It is obvious that blackness is infiltrating the pure whiteness when a white woman has a black baby. However, "white-male-black-female" unions are under less scrutiny because black women are expected to produce black babies and a white man with them looks (to racists) like a pimp-ho situation (in some states, a black woman riding in a car with a white man is profiled as solicitation of prostitution. Look it up). Furthermore, since no man has ever given birth to a child, these white men who have these black babies simply deny it, threaten the black woman's life OR pays her off to shut the fuck up, then goes back to his 2.5 children, picket fence, and wife who hates him (for a reference, google "Bill Clinton's Black Baby").

So, since white America places a greater emphasis on white women having black babies than black women having black babies, white America places a greater emphasis on the black-male-white-female union. And most of you neo negroes are so brainwashed that you also emphasize what white America emphasizes. 

"Racist attitudes suddenly emerge when the sweat dries." -Zarah Rose

Again, stop being naive. People are people. Everybody's fuckin' everybody else. Babies happen. Simply be a better human and you'll attract a better human.