Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You Just Wanna Fuck.

A woman on facebook noted "if a man asks me "can you cook", I'm gonna ask him, "can you buy groceries?""

Clever retort. And then, some guy in her feed said, "and I would respond "and I will cook for you.""

**BUZZER** Wrong response. Fellas: It is disrespectful and in bad taste to meet a woman and ask if she can cook. When you meet a woman, ask her if you can cook for her or take her for a meal. Otherwise, you're already in her "not worth my time" category. I'm sure there are women who woke up this morning and said to themselves "Today, I'm gonna find somebody to cook for." We call these women "community service activists" and you can find them volunteering at soup kitchens all over America. However, many women you might meet on the street have more things to think about than who they're gonna cook for next.

I can hear the men grumbling now. "Why I gotta take her for food and I don't even know if she'll be worth the $20 at Applebees!" ---this attitude lets me know that you're really bad at picking women because if you knew that your decisions were good, you'd have no problem snagging a winning investment. If the Applebees comment was even remotely anything that you might have been thinking as a result of my original comment about the disrespectful nature of asking a woman if she can cook, then the following is true of you:

YOU JUST WANNA FUCK. Now go get a ho. Hos don't need dinner and movies. But from what I hear, hos do love roses.

You're welcome. 


Q: But what about the women who just want to f***? Are they the "hos" that you speak of??

A: Women who just want to fuck are women who just want to fuck. The difference between men who want to fuck and women who want to fuck is that women who want to fuck are fucking and men who want to fuck are asking women who want relationships if they can cook.

Be honest about what you want. Whether a man or a woman, wear a t-shirt that says "I just wanna fuck" if that's what the fuck you want! If somebody gets upset about your T-shirt, fuck em!!!

Let us also not confuse "women who want to fuck" with "ho". I have been very intentional about my definitions in the past, so please allow me to remind you what a "ho" is:
Ho: someone who willingly sells their soul to the devil
The devil: whitey
Whitey: any human who has adopted a separatist, white supremacist ideology, which is manifested through imperialist ideology, or any race, class, or privilege structure that exists in the whole world.
Race/Class/Privilege: a system of separating people based on varying levels of "I'm better than you" mentality. A function of the ego.
Ego: fear
Fear: opposite of love
Love: God.

**the questioner was still not satisfied, so this whole shit continued**

Q: Is it only hos that like to f***? If so, does that mean that hos can't have relationships? 'Cause I'm always "seeing" folks in relationships talking about f***ing.

A: The problem is deception. A NIGGA who is asking a woman if she can cook is, in fact, a ho looking for someone to sell his soul to.
Explanation: Now, this is the deeper shit that's gonna make me start sounding crazy to stupid people, so you keep reading, but allow the stupid people to go back to sleep: These niggas out here (niggas are people who love ignorance) are afraid that people may discover that they're ignorant (which is why they work very hard to prove that they're smart, despite results in their life showing something quite to the contrary). In order to maintain the front of perceptible intelligence (which is only even marginally believed by people who are even more ignorant than they, who may not be niggas, but may just be on their knowledge quest and therefore naive and gullible until they learn more) niggas must engage in perpetual deception. In attempting to deceive those who are also ignorant with a false intelligence, they also achieve the great, and most unfortunate, feat of convincing themselves that they are, in fact, intelligent. However, since this is all a cavalcade of lies, it becomes part of the deception to try to convince the world that they are searching for relationships when they are, in fact, simply looking for someone to fuck. Then, the average person confuses a ho (someone who sold their soul to Babylon) with people who like to fuck (or people who enjoy having consensual, and sometimes ravenous, sex with other people). Then, you end up with young people thinking that a "good girl" or "good boy" is someone who refrains from having sex until they're married or only has sex with 1 person in their entire life and then has 2.5 children and picket fence and so on. The real problem is that the niggas just never learned to read or do basic math and because they got older, it became a source of shame and embarrassment so, instead of going to a GED program or adult reading classes, they made up their own language which is full of inconsistent bullshit that no one can decipher because at the root of it is deception. And this is why no member of any fraternity or sorority will let you read their "sacred book" or whatever. Real knowledge can't wait to spread the Gospel because it knows that the only truth is Love. Everything else is a lie. Bullshit must stay hidden or else the purveyors of bullshit (or niggas) will be exposed of their shameful ignorance. This is the foundation of all organized religion and superficial social hierarchy. TADA!

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