Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fuck Deodorant

A little info about me:

I don't have much of an identity. I don't have a sense of "this is who I am, and therefore, this is what I expect". I simply walk through life and respond to what happens the way a child or animal would. As a result, injustices against me don't make sense to me. Since they don't make sense to me, I make mockeries of them. Sometimes, names and id numbers get dropped. I have no sense of discretion as I am not aware of what humans think is discrete. Way I figure, if you do/say it, it happened/was said. I have no respect of persons. I also lack diplomacy, tact, deference, and I am not polite. As a result of the qualities I lack, I avoid people on a regular basis. I do not fuck with people. I do not spend substantial amounts of time in places where people might be. If there is an interaction between me and another human, it is the direct result of that human being either (a) between me and my food or (b) fascinated by my appearance or personality. I have no sense of social hierarchy. I am also extremely neurotic, inappropriate, and crass without borders.

If any of the above statements are a problem to you, I suggest you run far, far, far away from me. If you see me near you, avoid me. You'll know if I'm in the area because you can smell me. I do not wear deodorant and I only shower on Thursdays.


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