Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day?

 THANK YOU: to all the Fathers who have supported me, loved me, mentored me, guided me, and made me feel wanted in their lives, even when no one asked them to. It is these wonderful Men who have made the difference in my life and continue to do so. 
"Fathers Day 2013" has conjured up more controversy than I've seen in my relatively short, yet somewhat middle-aged life. Some are saying, "I've been the mother and the father, so happy Fathers Day to the single mothers."
Some are saying, "Give fathers their due credit. No one does this type of thing on Mother's Day. A mother is still not a father and your bitterness with regards to your father-situation, or choices in men is a bad look."**

**NOTE: Both men and women have expressed both opinions

I say: As it regards any Babylonian holiday, you have the right to feel, respond, act, or not respond at all in whatever way you feel is right for you. Every perspective has the right to be expressed. No one should be silenced or made to feel bad because their daddy (or babies' daddy) was not there or was abusive or any other thing that happens a lot in American society. The results of the breakdown of the family and the 1980s crack epidemic are showing up in a big way. These consequences of family breakdowns will only repeat again if we continue to silence those who have perspectives that aren't "positive" enough for your social network perusing.

Everybody's life and experience is different. Everyone is not like you. Learn to respect that other opinions and perspectives exist and live your life to edify your values without imposing your value system on others.

In short, live and let live.

To the single mothers whose boyfriends and husbands left them with no support, I STAND WITH YOU.

To the young women who were raped and abandoned, I STAND WITH YOU

To the young men and women who were abused, raped, and killed by their mothers and fathers, I STAND WITH YOU

To the children who go to sleep crying at night from various levels of abuse in their household, I STAND WITH YOU

To the fathers who were denied access to their children due to manipulation and lies, I STAND WITH YOU

To the fathers who work diligently to uplift ALL the children in their communities, I STAND WITH YOU.

To the mothers who had to play both roles in the raising of their children whether a man was there or not, I STAND WITH YOU. 

To the single fathers who had to play both roles to support, nurture, and make a difference in their children's lives, I STAND WITH YOU.

To the non-traditional families that operate out of LOVE towards the development of dynamic children who become dynamic adults in our communities, I STAND WITH YOU.

On this day and all others, LET YOUR STORY BE HEARD. Do not allow others to intimidate you into silence. Your perspective is POWERFUL. Your life story is NECESSARY for OUR COLLECTIVE GROWTH. You are not a villain. You are not a nuisance. You are not a problem. You are not bitter. You are not "a bad look". It is not your responsibility to protect those who have wronged you. It is your responsibility to TELL YOUR STORY that others may be HEALED by your testimony to CONTINUE LIVING REGARDLESS.

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