Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quentin Tarantino says...

wondered: what is the correlation between Republicans and Christianity. Then, I wondered: what is the correlation between Democrats and Atheism...because despite the ridiculousness of these relationships, the media...and a lot of American citizens...seem to make these connections with great intention. And if it's so important that these connections are made, what is the intention behind making these connections?

Is it that the "powers that be" want us to connect "conservativism" with upholding the Bible, aka, God's Word and diminishing liberals to simply "baby killers" "potheads" and "sodomists"? Or is it that the "powers that be" want us to connect "liberalism" with upholding free thought, scholarship and liberation while reducing conservatives to "Bible thumping lunatics"?

Then I thought: I and many other people of color in America really don't give a shit about politics. We're too busy simply trying to live our lives without being profiled, shot at, arrested, beat up, targeted at airports, criminalized, drugged by doctors, pulled over, jailed, blamed, killed by drones, having our houses raided and bombed, shot in the back by police, shot by scaredy white neighbors, accused of rape, accused of murder, vilified, antagonized, overcharged, underpaid, robbed, followed around in stores, humiliated, dehumanized, refused medical attention, unprotected, and having our humanity and cultural practices reduced to "nuisances".

Well, my thinking brought me to a theory. The theory is as follows:
This is Babylon. In Babylon, whitey is searching for a savior...a way to rectify guilt. For the right wing, that savior is Jesus. For the left, that savior is social justice.

So I beseech all ye who give a shit: do not impede whitey from his salvation. Let him do what him do. Him need it to get into heaven. But don't get caught up in his fight. That's his fight. Not yours.

"Now, all you black folks, I suggest you get away from all these white folks!" -Quentin Tarantino

Just a thought.


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