Friday, June 21, 2013

Uhuru Rahman

Hey folks,

Got a little more clarity on why my name had to change. Apparently, the book of face monitors posts and my posts pose a threat to the the book of face community. Can't imagine why. So, despite my name being real (and published in The Oregonian, and The Skanner) they use the "your name is not real" argument to get me to give them more information about myself.

Furthermore, for the past year, the book of face has been insisting that we give them more and more information about ourselves in order to filter into their new formatting system: what high school did you go to? Do you know these people? Do you know this person outside of Facebook? Tell us more about your interests! Where were you born? What color is your clitoris when it's fully engorged? Please supply your phone number so you can continue to have access to your account! Not only that, but they have a record of what you look like to go along with all this information...your face. Share at your own risk. I am a threat because I change people's minds in meaningful ways. Animal porn and lewd pictures of women in grocery stores doesn't cause alarms: speaking from the heart, however....So my name on facebook is now Uhuru Rahman. It means "Freedom Servant of God". I think it's fitting.

Words to the wise for social networkers with a purpose:

1. Facebook will delete your account if they don't like your name. I was forced to change my name. They can do so without warning. If facebook is your only or primary electronic social network, you may wanna consider an alternative...ijs (see article)

2. If you are an artist with a fan page, make sure to have multiple administrators. If the administrator's account is shut down for any reason, s(he) will no longer have access to the fan page.

3. As any DIY guide will tell you, FACEBOOK IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR A WEBSITE! Get your own domain and stop being cheap.

You can get a free website through or that will have the host's name in the url.

However, if you want your domain to read [whoiwannabe].com, you can purchase the name for as little as around $15 a year to around $100 a year (or more depending on your goals).

Platforms like, bandzoogle and hostbaby are formatted specifically for music makers. Sites like Wordpress are formatted specifically for writers and bloggers.* iPage is another platform that works well for small businesses. I encourage you to do your own research. There are as many options as there are people on the planet.

Courtesy of The Onion News
4. Remember that pride comes before the fall. If you know that your existence is a threat to everything that Babylon stands on, make sure you know the law and don't get so attached to your ego that you snitch on yourself. Moreover, just don't be stupid. It helps when you stay legal. So don't break the law. So far, you still can't get arrested for free thought. However, you can get arrested for catching water in Arizona.

5. If you're just a renegade, stay offline... or decide to what extent posting your next anti-everything video is worth losing your freedom.

6. If you're really smart, play crazy for the world to see. Or be an artist. Or both.

7. Other options include getting your own server or building your own community IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!!

I leave you this quote by journalist, Bruce Poinsette:

"Facebook is just building Zuckerberg's political capital for whenever people stop fucking with it. All this data mining will be prime for extortion and/or selling to the highest bidder, especially when people stop using the actual network. A friend put it to me like this: anyone who runs for office in 20 years will be at the mercy of Zuckerberg because he owns every embarrassing and/or campaign killer thing they've ever said. Even though he's making billions now, he's actually going to make more in a sustainable way in the long run because his end game is mapped out that well. It's both genius and fucked up at the same time (amazing how that has a way of working out hahaha)."

Is Mark Zuckerberg the anti-Christ? If you believe in that type of thing, then yes. yes he is.**

*Wordpress is a formatting platform that can be hosted by platforms like iPage and goDaddy.
**All opinions, thoughts, writings, musings, videos, etc. are the property of and expressions of Blue (Bluefolktronica) and do not reflect anybody else's views. If you have a problem with the things I write, contact She might give a shit. 

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