Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Q: Blue! Why do you hate white people???

Q: Blue! Why do you hate white people?

A: I don't hate white people. I dislike all people. The only people I will ever complain about are people who fuck with me endlessly with no prompts. The most audacious and entitle-minded of these is white americans. I also don't like Portuguese people. However, I don't have a problem with Portuguese people because Portuguese people don't fuck with me and try to touch my hair, look down my throat,and reach into my vagina. However, if I lived in Portugal, I would probably encounter Portuguese people who fucked with me endlessly in which case my musings would look very anti-Portuguese. However, I doubt that Portuguese people have exoticized someone who looks like me to the extent that white people have exoticized people who look like me since the beginning of white people. And when I say "white people" I mean people who identify as "white". A melanin challenged individual from Ireland refers to him or herself as "Irish" until repeated issues of terf wars begin between themselves and someone who they would identify as black. If you want to continue being ignorant, do so. But know that I won't cater to your ignorance. Sorry.

I don't know too many black folks who deal with a lot of white folks outside of the job. I'm just the only person who looks like what you call "Black" who will tell you the truth to your face and on facebook and youtube and sing songs about the shit to make sure it really gets through.

Black people neither like nor trust white people in general and if you all disappeared, we wouldn't even notice. The great paradox is that white people feel the same way about every person of color in America. Stop lyin. You hate each other. Now go live your lives and stop trying to be friends unless that shit happens naturally over a couple 40s and a guitar or however else you get down. You do not have to be cool with everybody nor do you have to bring the world together in peace. It ain't gonna happen. Furthermore, happy people don't fuck with people. Do what you want to do in life and stop caring what other people say and think. That way, you'll be happy and won't have time to fuck with other people and ask them how they got their hair so nice because you will be too preoccupied with loving on your own hair. 

Apparently, the notion of not giving a fuck and living your own fucking life to your own fucking pleasure is a mystery to white women, black women who secretly want to be white women and men who can't manage to get their dick sucked on a regular. I understand this because I study history and culture. Study history and culture. It helps. Oh, and if you can't manage to get your dick sucked, it's not women. It's you. If I can pull chicks, anybody can. Stop being a dickwad douchebag asshole and you just might get your dick sucked by a woman who will help you achieve your goals in life outside of just getting your dick sucked. If a happily married man comments on this in disagreement, I'ma really have to wonder whether or not he's retarded. This is another example of shit simply not applying. 

And for all those who think I shouldn't say such things: fuck you. The internet is big and nobody asked you to come here. You know you like reading this shit so shut the fuck up and enjoy the view.

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