Monday, June 3, 2013

Why Black Men Date White Women...

People are so short sighted as to believe that humanity is a selective behavior...

The MYTH that successful black men date white women and therefore, there aren't enough black men to go around for black women is, in fact, a MYTH. Propaganda. Television. You have been fooled. People date people they like. Then, they have sex. Then, they get pregnant. Then, they get married. That's the way it's done. That's the way it's always been done. That's the way it will always be done. Future oriented folks marry before they get pregnant, but most of us are hedonists, so deal with it.

During slavery, you had black African folks in the fields and white folks in the house. If a white woman showed up with a black baby, it was evidence of adultery and the entire household was thrown into racism-confrontation...which, just like today, is very uncomfortable for white folks. Racism confrontation compounded with adultery was a recipe for severe punishment of both parties involved.

Keep in mind that an African who created a bi-racial baby 500 years ago just created a black baby. Today, since we're all a little mixed up, to have a bi-racial baby is to have what is now considered a "mixed" baby, but back then, you couldn't really tell the difference between most "mixed" people and most "black" people and by the time a really light skinned-good-haired-baby showed up on the plantation, the original transgressors were either dead or sold. Black folks run the gamut in skin tone, hear texture, etc. because the genetic code for every race exists within their DNA.

Remember the term "Mamma's baby, daddy's maybe"? As long as the baby looked like it might have been daddy's, momma was off the hook. Everybody would come up with excuses to keep the community together. Blacks just noticed that field negroes simply got lighter and lighter as time went on...then you end up with folks that look like me...what? you thought that lighter skin over time within a family line was just a compounding effect of living in the American environment? Stop being naive. That shit still happens today, so stop frontin'.

White folks can't just show up with a black baby because white people cannot produce black people. Black people can show up with mixed babies and it simply be an effect of being black. As a result, the "black-male-white-female" union and resulting babies have been emphasized in this culture and are primarily under attack. It is obvious that blackness is infiltrating the pure whiteness when a white woman has a black baby. However, "white-male-black-female" unions are under less scrutiny because black women are expected to produce black babies and a white man with them looks (to racists) like a pimp-ho situation (in some states, a black woman riding in a car with a white man is profiled as solicitation of prostitution. Look it up). Furthermore, since no man has ever given birth to a child, these white men who have these black babies simply deny it, threaten the black woman's life OR pays her off to shut the fuck up, then goes back to his 2.5 children, picket fence, and wife who hates him (for a reference, google "Bill Clinton's Black Baby").

So, since white America places a greater emphasis on white women having black babies than black women having black babies, white America places a greater emphasis on the black-male-white-female union. And most of you neo negroes are so brainwashed that you also emphasize what white America emphasizes. 

"Racist attitudes suddenly emerge when the sweat dries." -Zarah Rose

Again, stop being naive. People are people. Everybody's fuckin' everybody else. Babies happen. Simply be a better human and you'll attract a better human.


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