Sunday, June 16, 2013

How to Be a G

How to Be a G lesson #22537

Do NOT attempt to insult other people when, in fact, you are the dumb one.

I posted ""Natural" is not a movement. Stop it. All of you." on my muthafuckin' facebook page.

Some cybernigga who calls himself Citizen Dame responds with "u gotta realize who ur directing this stat too, ni66as(sheep) will latch on to anything and make it a fad and dog it to death..."

So I respond with "I don't have to realize anything."

To which he responds, "looked like u realized it enough to post the stat. ijs"

Now, his ass coulda been saved from a blast had he simply said "you're right." or "much respect" or "right on sis" or any other simple note of solidarity, but instead, he had to establish some sense of relevance or disagreement in order to appeal to an audience that may see him posting on my facebook page talking shit that makes absolutely no sense that he doesn't even understand himself. I am not directing this stat toward "sheep" or "ni66as" or any muthafuckin other microsector of ignorant society. I directed this post to everyone it applies to. And if it doesn't apply, it's simply a matter of shit not applying. Nobody needs a cosign. And if I tell you I don't need a cosign, then SHUT THE FUCK UP!

The original implication in the post is that "Natural" is, in fact, not a movement. It is not something anyone has to "realize" or "come to" or "latch on to". Natural simply means that I woke up this morning and didn't do shit. It's cyberniggas like Citizen Dame who read 1 or 2 books and determines that he's an expert on some shit that has nothing to do with him, only to sound like a damn fool. Now, it's not his sounding like a damn fool that lead to the blast. It was his disrespect of me because I AM NOT THE MUTHAFUCKA TO FUCK WITH!!! GUARANTEED!!!!

To all the cyberniggas out there: I AM NOT TALKING TO YOU. If you don't see yourself in my writings it's because you're not there. To respond to my manifestos in a way that implies divergence from my intention; something that is not only my truth, but the truth of many people in many places; will simply be my playground for BLAST OF THE WEEK because if there were a "Petty Award", I would win it every year.

I would like to dedicate this song to Citizen Dame and everyone else who is so determined to prove that they're relevant that they relegate themselves to simply looking fucked up and expecting others to cater to their ignorance because they read just enough books to get the "lingo" but not enough books to get the "logic."

Ladies and gentlemen: HOW TO BE A G. (Spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with fucking with me).

One day, niggas gon learn. Until then, I'ma just have fun on the internet. 

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