Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Golden Rule: Treat Others The Way You Would Treat A Rich White Man

I do what I do as a representation of freedom from the many silencers that have been placed on us as women, SPECIFICALLY women of color in our interactions with men and majority group members. Every time we are aggressed toward, we take on the burden of silence in order to protect our abusers from exposure. Heinously, other women of color will attempt to silence us by making us feel like traitors to our culture for outing men of color AND white people. Fuck that. If you abuse me in any way, I will drop your first and last name and picture all over all of my social media platforms AND radio. I also will tell local newspapers. I encourage all other women of color to
 do the same. It is your silence that makes you a victim. Give a name and a face to your abusers. These are not hypothetical situations and should not be treated as such. YOU DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO DESERVE BEING ABUSED!!!! Furthermore, IT IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT YOUR ABUSERS!!! And just because nobody took a crowbar to your jaw does not mean that you weren't abused. Here is a list of common abuses toward women of color that are swept under the rug simply because it wasn't legally considered battery, sodomy, or kidnapping:

 1. Coercion into undressing or being touched against her will.
2. Touching her hair without her permission.
3. Touching any part of her without her permission outside of the "safe zones" that include shoulders, hands, and upper arms (basically, if you wouldn't touch your white male boss that way, you don't have the right to touch anyone that way without their permission. Yes white women, this includes you and your fascination with black hair).
4. Grabbing her in a public place to dance or anything else (again, if you wouldn't grab your white male boss in a situation, you don't have the right to grab anyone that way without their permission).
5. Yelling on the street or in a public place at her and when ignored, expressing discontent. Sometimes, obscenities are yelled, but even if it is not obscene, it is still psychological abuse (again, if you wouldn't do it to your white male boss, don't do it to anyone).
6. Ignoring her feelings or points of view when such a dismissal would be detrimental to her well being or social/professional self actualization. (#white male boss...starting to get the idea?)
7. Unsolicited compliments of her body parts. And it doesn't matter what she's wearing (would you do it to your white male boss? Yes the white male boss element is a reoccurring theme).
8. No means no.
9. Staring at her for a prolonged period of time. Yes, this is an aggressive move. How would you like it if a man stared at you for an extended period of time and licked his lips? WHAT Blue? Are you suggesting that people exercise discipline over their animalistic instinctual tendencies when interacting with people they don't know? YES!!! YES!!! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I'M SAYING!!!
10. Coercion (verbally or physically) into going from one place to another place against her will.

The list can literally go on forever, but it comes down to this: TREAT WOMEN OF COLOR THE SAME WAY YOU WOULD TREAT YOUR WHITE MALE BOSS UNLESS YOU HAVE EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT TO DO OTHERWISE. Did I just say express written consent? Yes. Yes I did. You can't go wrong with express written consent. No, this is non-negotiable unless you are dealing with hos. Cuz hos just wanna fuck. So if you just wanna fuck, stop complaining about hos because you chose the hos. The beautiful, intelligent, incredible, artistic, dynamic, and exceptional women of color are not ever going to be interested in you if you do anything listed above when you meet them. Guaranteed.

You're welcome.

Note: All but #9 are technically grounds for arrest and can lead to criminal charges. All a woman would have to do is have a better lawyer than yours and you can be looking at 5-15 years for everything on this list, even if you're married.

When in doubt, pretend I'm a rich white guy when you meet me. It'll all be clear after that.

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