Thursday, June 20, 2013

On Television

Inspired by this comment from poet Teddi B Poet: (Thanks Teddi!)

"Hollywood has no responsibility to cast characters in a way that you see fit. Hollywood is a business, and its purpose is to produce profit. This country, as it stands, is built on profit and not on empathy,equality,love,compassion or humanitarianism."

Television was created as a method by which to push the advertisement of products. Marketing researchers learned that if people were entertained, they were more likely to watch advertisements and even buy products based on their level of stimulation while interacting with the products.

In the early days of media advertising, stars of radio shows would make announcements about the sponsors of their programs in clever, sing-songy ways. Today, such advertisements are either pronounced through "commercials" or strategic product placement within your favorite shows. Seinfeld, a great satire about absolutely nothing, was on air for so long partially because it was hilarious and partially because every episode was littered with product placement, all the way down to conversations in the script:

Today, as in the days of radio, television, movies, commercials, and everything you see or hear in media is designed to sell products which you buy need them...right? Subsequently, researchers know who the largest buying audience is and they know what that buying audience responds to...and it ain't pretty black girls with dreadlocks talking about empowering people.

You may be thinking: "There aren't commercials in movies! Now you're just being a conspiracy theorist. Blue, stop trying to make arguments about things just because you think you have something to prove!"

Well, because all of this is not-so-common knowledge, yet common enough for others to create compilations of it, I bring you "Product Placement in Movies," straight from the bowels of Youtube, the latest and greatest in manipulating your perception:

Way I see it, if you don't like something, do it yourself...or as the saying goes, "if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself." Or, we can unplug because nothing in media is designed for human sustainability. It is designed to create the perfect citizen. The perfect citizen is an archetype. It has nothing to do with our feelings, beliefs, culture or values. It has to do with creating a mindless group of humans who will work for the least pay possible to keep them from revolting while buying way more than they need by thinking they need it and consequently, remaining in debt to the system for their entire natural life!! Teddi B Poet approves this message!


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  1. Haaaaaa! Yes! this post is definitely Teddi-B-Approved!