Monday, June 3, 2013

White Identity = White Supremacy.

Speaking of black and white:

These terms only exist in the context of supremacist ideology...which only exists in the context of segregation. Segregation exists in this country as a product of racism which exists as a result of slavery, genocide, internment camps, wars, bombings and all the other horrible shit that this country was founded on.

If we were really one people, the United States would look like Brazil or Trinidad and Tobago.

Again, please, stop being naive. Stop trying to hold on to your anti-racism when you're as racist as they come. "White people" are simply afraid of no longer being white as a result of REAL INTEGRATION...which just means everybody's fuckin' each other with no boundaries.

In Brazil, 2 black as night people can give birth to a snow white baby. Furthermore, 2 white people in these integrated countries can also give birth to a baby that's black as onyx. This is commonplace in Brazil, Trinidad, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, India, etc. Hate, of course, exists everywhere, so SHADISM often becomes an issue among community members and even siblings as a result of GLOBAL white supremacist ideology. The system of class appointment based on skin color within a society is called a PIGMENTOCRACY. Many times, these lighter skinned community and family members leave their families to forge relationships with others who identify as white without ever revealing the truth of their heritage in a practice called PASSING. It works until a black baby shows up. HAHAHAHHAA!

There happens to be some loving Afrikans who are really light skinned with really straight hair. These people don't refer to themselves as white. They refer to themselves as human. I fux with these humans. I don't fuck with white people because white people are racist: to identify as WHITE is to identify as SEPARATE and once you separate yourself, you internalize that your group is better than other groups which is the definition of SUPREMACIST IDEOLOGY (think about the Black Greeks. Everybody's cool until sophomore year...then, the fighting begins).

In conclusion, be a better human and you'll attract better humans. 

Learn more about PIGMENTOCRACIES in this brillilant documentary entitled "Shadeism"


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  1. I just watched a YouTube clip of Dr. Frances Cress Wessling talking about the same thing. Love you!