Monday, June 17, 2013

On Black Women loving Black Men

This one's for the Babylonians:

On Black Women proclaiming their love for Black Men:

I get it. It's beautiful. But you know who else loves Black Men?
1. White American women
2. Chinese women
3. Native American women
4. Canadian women
5. French women
6. Japanese women
7. Filipino women
8. Mexican women
9 Hawaiian women
10. Brazilian women
11. Argentinian women
12. Alaska Natives
13. Indian women
14. Other Polynesian women
15. Caribbean women
16. Vietnamese women
17. And all the men from these places. (just name a country: they love black men).

Trust me ladies, black men are not struggling in the relationship or love department. The only people who don't love black men are straight, white Babylonian men. Know why? Because women know that black men have bigger penises than everybody, so they get first pick of all the women as a result of it. This is why black men are enemies of the state in the eyes of Babylon. This is also why Babylon builds tall buildings. Because if you ain't got it naturally, fabricate it with steel and concrete reinforcements!

While you love black men and want to show them that, black men are insisting that you straighten your hair, lose weight, shave your vagina, dress up, and be lighter skinned with longer hair so that you look more like white women. Then you spend all your money on shit to "whiten" yourself and complain about it instead of simply going to get yourself a man who loves you and stop worrying about what the fuck he looks like.

If you want to "fight" for your black men, make sure they get to school. Make sure they get to library. Make sure they learn the law. Make sure they eat more than just fried chicken, pizza, and burgers all the damn time. These things may save their lives.

If you want to get married, then choose a proper mate and get married because "black men" ain't trippin' off you for real.

Blue, what's your point: My point is that if we define ourselves by the color of our skin, we are subjecting ourselves to live the life of a stereotype. We can't stop others from looking at us and making decisions about it. However, what excuse can we make if we do the same thing?



P.S. To all the Afrikan men who want to marry Afrikan women and build Afrikan communities, join your woman in the kitchen and help her cook a healthy meal for your family. Then, rub her feet because she'll need that.

There is no such thing as race. It was created to separate and destroy you. #weareone

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  1. This was an interesting read. I'm a Caribbean woman and have always been more attracted to white men. Nowadays however, I'm very interested in Polynesian, Asian, Australian aborigine, east African... And of course, my own fellow Caribbean mixes. To me it's about belief system, intellect, creativity, empathy and personality more than race. Yes he has to look good. And I don't judge by the European beauty standard like I used to do. I'm now particularly drawn by "exotic" balanced features. A man has to be like Jesus or Haile Selassie. A self sacrificing but strong and wise leader. Otherwise, how can I feel comfortable nurturing him or our child?