Saturday, June 22, 2013

Told You So.

My "why" fast is over. I almost killed myself because of that fast. And I broke it 24 hours after starting it.

I am a why-asking muthafuckah. That's just who the fuck I am. Oh well.

Suppressed "Whys" by Blue:

1. Q: Why all of a sudden is fb a stickler for "real names"? This has never been a problem before. In fact, we used to change our name every month for no reason at all; just for shits and giggles.

A: Because fb is a data mine that works in concert with the government to collect information on citizens through an opt-in platform. Opt in at your own risk.

2. Q: Why is fb all of a sudden more strict on "tagging?"

A: Because through facebook's "Face Recognition Software", the only way they can be sure that the identities provided match the people identified is by ensuring that the face belongs to the REAL NAME of the person tagged in a photograph. What good is governmentally monitored data mining if the names and faces don't match?

3. Q: Why is Mark Z. doing/allowing all this?

A1: If you believe in the antichrist, it's because Mark Z is the antichrist.
A2: If you believe in Illuminati, it's because Mark Z is Illuminati.
A3: If you believe in Babylon, it's because the government is simply trying to find a reason to discredit the Obama administration and will do whatever it takes, including breaking the law and violating all privacy regulations to date.

If you ever try to do anything important in Babylon, you will have to contact your ol' pal Mark and make sure he doesn't have any pictures of you doing embarrassing things. And if he does, you'll have to pay him for them. Same thing for every other social networking site (or cell phone service) you belong to. I suggest writing a "Tell All Book" before attempting to run for office, clergy, the academy, or anything else for that matter.

You gave your personal info to the grid and now, you are forever under surveillance. We tried to warn you, however, "Told You So" is an immature and petty way to end this conversation...


PS: Wrote an entire album about how to get out. See, I got your back.

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