Monday, April 9, 2012

Misguided Anger


A friend and co-creative recently posted this quote on his facebook page as a point of discourse.  It's a hateful rant by some random guy in cyberspace:
.........."thats dat illuminati shit...cuz gay is "okay" in our society. These kids are a victim. And its gonna get way worse cuz the devil aint tryin 2 make the world a Godly place 2 live. But on some real shit gay is not okay but eventually there will be more gay than straight...because of what these kids r being exposed 2 in our society with everything at fingers reach with the internet and cable. In these illuminati infected generations....drugs, sex, violance and money is all thats important. How u obtain and what u believe in dont ,even matter anymore. Home training is a thing of the past because kids raising kids, and they dont know shit. U can only teach what u learn...and look what these gay bastards r learning....father God please help us"  -Some random guy in cyberspace 
Now, I'm all about free expression, but people must realize that in their "rants", they tell more about themselves than they do the thing they criticize. Any critical thinker would clearly see that this guy is offering a lot of information about his personal life. When I experience someone this bent out of shape about a group of people, I have to think, "well, what's it to you?" 
 So, I took it upon myself to translate this post for all who may be subject to it. Hopefully, this translation will add perspective. 
 "Please help me. I'm gay and I don't know what to do. I'm afraid that if I come out of the closet, I will lose everything I've worked for and then I'll go to hell. I am miserable because I am not true to myself, so all freely and openly gay people must also be miserable like me and burn in hell. For the record, I'll do everything I can to fuck up their day by saying really ridiculous shit in open forum about gay people because my life sucks so hard. I sure wish I could suck a hard dick and not feel so incredibly guilty about it. Oh, by the way, I'm a complete douche with too much time on my hands, no real understanding of "Illuminati",  and nobody likes me."
 Folks, be careful what you put out there in cyberspace. People are smarter than you think.
 PS. If you don't see the satire, that's ok. It doesn't have to be funny because it's true.  

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