Thursday, May 10, 2012

I like kittens. But I'll dabble in politics.

This is the first and last political statement I will make about this upcoming election: Obama is a great leader. He leads in ways that are most effective, but in ways that politics is not a good platform for. A book written in some century BC called "The Tao of Leadership" describes exactly what Obama is doing. Furthermore, Sun Tsu's "Art of War" also coincides with Obama's leadership style. It's unfortunate that the media and the populous are only interested in a type of leader who's always loud, interfering, and making quick, brash decisions without thinking things through first. Americans want us to lead as though we're venturing into the Wild West with no real understanding of the terrain and limited resources. We need to begin viewing this nation and our leadership from the perspective of prosperity, which leads us to make slower and better decisions, more skillful moves, and use as few resources to get the job done as possible. If people ran their households the way they expect Obama to run the country, they'd be killing their children for talking back to them, going to the store and buying everything in the store, then coming home and cooking all of it at once, and only cleaning when someone gets hurt.

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