Friday, October 19, 2012

The Rain...

Nothing has ever changed. I appreciate that what used to be the middle class is feeling the pinch. Diplomacy is thrown out the window because people are struggling. You'd be surprised how many white folks say to me, in confidence (somehow believing that I am part of their group...perhaps because I "speak so well" and they think they're not racist) that they are tired of "those people" "stealing" "our" whatever-those-people-are-stealing-or some other remark that's been dormant in their psyche and is now ripe to escape. It's also interesting to watch their racist asses try to backpedal after they notice my dreadlocks and brown skin post "solidarity moment".

Due to my diverse impoverished experience (E. St. Louis to Peoria, IL, some international hoods to boot and living in abject poverty the entire time), I know how people think, so I'm not surprised. However, the climate of the economy is allowing those who THOUGHT we should be past Jim Crow mentality and slave dependence to see that there has been no such thing as progress in the minds of those who believe this country is their birthright. We see the symptoms every time we're pulled over for being black or brown (yeah fellas, it's not just you), but we should just get over that, right? But ain't nothing like a threat to the privileged class to encourage them to show they ass. I've always been poor which means I have a ghetto mentality. I know how to take a little and make it work, so I don't give a shit. The rules of the universe have never changed and I learned not to rely on the physical world for my needs a looooooong time ago. However, The Neo Negro and Whitey are shaking in their boots and I have my popcorn, junior mints, and a lemon lime Vess taking bets til the rain comes. Wrote a song about it.
Wanna hear it? Here it go:

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