Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wanna see how fucked up the academy is?

Wanna see how fucked up the academy is?

So, in order for me to graduate, I had to, HAD TO (i.e., no choice) publish my dissertation through some organization that commandeered the copyright to my dissertation (remember, I had no choice, and I had to do this in order to graduate with my doctorate degree).

A graduate student at the University of Santiago requested my dissertation for her graduate research. She asked how she could get a copy of it. I googled "CP Time: Racial Ideology and Time Orientation among African Americans" to see where I could direct her and I found my dissertation for sale all over the internet. In fact, amazon has my dissertation on sale for $69.00. I will never see a single cent of that money and if I ever tried to publish my own dissertation, I would be violating copyright.

Now, I piss blood on the academy and the entire institution can kiss my ass. I have published documents that will only increase my ability to market myself to an institution that would hire me for a bullshit salary to continue to publish and never own copyrights to my intellectual contribution. This is the plight of professors and scientists in most institutions unless they go rogue/independent.

The history of the academy and the spirit with which it came to be is very similar to that of clergy. People who went into teaching went into it with a spirit of dedicating themselves to education of others and contribution to the sciences. In fact, the business model of the academy is absolutely sound EXCEPT: the business has gotten out of hand. Faculty are being abused (you know what's going on at SLU right now with the vote of "no confidence" against Father Biondi, for example), students are purchasing their degrees and are only concerned with grades, classes are watered down to nothingness, nothing educational or radical goes on in the academy anymore, and more and more idiots are getting PhDs etc. I know that the school owned my dissertation. But to see it on amazon for sale for $99.00 is insulting, when these things are supposed to be in university libraries and the money is supposed to go toward education, not private companies like booksamillion, amazon, and barnes $ noble.
My dissertation, being sold by private companies at these various links. 

again, expensive as hell. And I know people are buying it because they have to for their research and that's why academic books are so fucking expensive:    

 Pissed as I am? Download my dissertation FOR FREE here: 

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