Monday, March 18, 2013

Having Sex with Time

A note for all my good people of the galaxy out there: I'm pretty awesome. Anyone who doesn't think so just doesn't get my attention. See! Easy! With that in mind, people on many occasions have asked me "How do you do all that you do? How do you find the time?" The answer to that question is simple: I don't find time. Time's just there. I live my life. It's hard if you're out here in Babylon trying to figure out how to use limited resources (like money and time) and I had this conversation recently with a friend about Time Management to better explain what I mean. This was the beginning of it:

>>I take an organic holistic view of everything. Not a neo revolutionary organic/holistic view, but a view based on the understanding that we all come here with: doesn't matter what we're doing: it's all about how it makes us feel.

If the idea of "time management" makes you feel like you're doing something that sucks, you'll avoid it.
However, if you recognize that everything in the realm of organization is tied into everything else in life, it becomes not only manageable, but also incredibly fun.

Time management is like sex. It doesn't just happen in the moment. You kinda have to be in the realm of "foreplay" with the object of your affection at all times and you're in the realm of foreplay with them because you really like them and you want to fuck them every time you see when you finally get into a private place, you can't keep your hands off each other and sex happens all the time.
However, if you're not really into the object of your affection and sex feels like a chore, you end up "doing it" just to say you did it and eventually, you look back and you haven't had sex in 3 months.
Time management is the same way. In order for it to work, you have to always want to fuck the thing you're managing in the context of time.
And that's where most people fall off from the very start: they're "managing" things they're not passionate about. So the techniques that they use are a pain in the unwanted sex. <<

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