Monday, March 11, 2013

Is death only for the privileged?

The more I reflect on and discuss this, the more unsettled I become. On March 7, Elizabeth Vega, aka, The Mistress of Death was on Uranus Is Blue discussing death and dying. Elizabeth is an expert on the subject and we were very candid about specific end of life issues as well as her sharing a story about the daughter she lost. Uranus Is Blue is an uncensored radio show where I play groovy tunes, much of it hip hop, and talk about stuff. Anywho, Elizabeth got some flack from a listener saying that our topic of discussion was inappropriate in that context...which implies that my audience shouldn't talk about death and that our music is not a respectable backdrop for such a discussion. Race, class and privilege rearing its ugly head once again. Elizabeth addressed it in her blog, but it pains me to constantly be reminded that people really don't see themselves and their microaggressive and conspicuous racist and classist worldviews that aim to limit the human experiences of others...and as a result have a destructive effect on us humans who are navigating through this bullshit simply working to live in love. I have no answer. I have no solution. But now, I feel even more compelled to do whatever the fuck I please.

"This is what grieving in community can look like. The Dia De Los Muertos Altar discussed on the show...We are designed for the rough and tumble work of the human experience but it must be embarked upon collectively." -Elizabeth Vega

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, which is fine, we're all learning, refer to the sources below:

1. This article from Sisters of Resistance that discusses microaggressive racism.    
2. Listen to my and Elizabeth's discussion on Uranus Is Blue here.
3. Read Elizabeth's response about the "flack" here.

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