Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fuck. Pray. Disco.

I would write commentary, but I believe this entire circumstance speaks for itself. It's a message that the leftists really need to hear. Unless you wanna look as absolutely ridiculous as this young woman did and be outed because "privacy on facebook" is a myth, I suggest you read, laugh, and keep your comments to yourself unless you are 100% sure you got your position on lock.

This is a facebook post I made this morning that simply states the myth that most black people won't bust for white people. This myth is that black people really give a shit about white people who want to vindicate white supremacist ideology by being "humanists". Fuck that. The only way white people will ever be vindicated for robbing black people of their history, culture, property, and lives since the inculcation of America is to work for free for black people for the next 500 years. Then, we can call it even.

When the truth hit the eyes of this witness, she instantly became a stereotype. Don't be that white person. And if you're still confused about "that white person", it's the white person who says "I wasn't even born when that happened." The only way that argument wouldn't be absolutely unworthy of a response is if racism no longer existed.

Of my facebook posts: I write this shit because I'm a writer. You read it because I'm in your feed. #choices

BLUE writes:
Please allow me to remind all "activist whites": nobody gives a fuck about you. We just make fun of you because you're ridiculous. The only reason you're a "part of the fight" is to rectify your guilt...and it's also racist to think that a person of color is supposed to give a shit that you're ignorant. I and a very select few people of color are the only ones who care enough to speak on it. Most Black people don't even deal with white people outside of the job. We have a whole society that you have no idea about. Regarding Tim Wise: much respect for being a brilliant orator, but black people don't give a fuck about him either. To the white activist: Tim Wise is your guru. Not black people.

>>>and this is why there aren't any black people at your Occupy rallies. It's another episode of "Not My Problem": the game show where the correct answer is always "Not My Problem".
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RESULTING COMMENTARY (the picture is gone because she unfriended me. Apparently I'm the first person to tell her she's white)

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