Friday, February 10, 2012

It's not stripping

Spent some time yesterday at Embers, a rainbow clad bar in the Pearl district. Great free drag show. One of the best I'd ever seen. Made me want to be a drag queen. Wasn't expecting to get hit on by old white men CONSTANTLY. Lots of them were there. Chop off a head, and 8 took his place. They were aggressive too. So what did I do? WTF you think? I sold them my cds. I'm a muthafuckin' business woman PAHTNA!

I can only begin to imagine why a gay bar is filled with older "straight" white men who are attracted to black women with dreadlocks. Seems to me like a cultural phenomenon that lies just below the surface of what we highly moral aristocrats consider atypical. I don't care what people do, but I think it's ironic that these guys have wives and kids, yet have gotten away with living their fantasies for 20+ years while black folks can't get away with driving through Pine Lawn after 11pm.

So beyond the social commentary (which always lies under the surface with me, cuz you know I'm an angry psychologist cynic who writes songs about it) I had a friggin BLAST! Those chicks were AMAZING to watch. The costumes were out of control and I found myself playing the "Do you think that's a guy or a chick" game with my companera. The lineup was extensive. There were drag queens (men tucked back in women's attire), kings (women with glued on soul patches in men's attire), and women who just dressed up pretty and lip synced to their favorite techno version of a pop song. It wasn't cheesy at all. You don't get free shows like that all over America. That's for sure...

So remember when I said I want to be a dancer? Well, I never told you, but I told some people. I think I'm going to become a drag queen. Just something to do on the weekdays. We all need a workout regimen. Why not do it in great costume, makeup, and for tips? Gotta make life count people.


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