Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who does BLACK/WHITE racism hurt most?

White people. Hands down.

Imagine that the people who look like you created all the great destruction and oppression in the entire world and have all the wealth to show for it. You're constantly embarrassed, guilty, and trying to re-write history in order to seem less like Doomsday from Superman. In fact, last year, Texas decided to just completely remove Thomas Jefferson from history books, among other things. Guess he had too many black children. He couldn'tve had black children if he wasn't a-rapin' his slave! Good Christian Whites can't have that blemish on their record.

And did I recently hear on The Colbert Report (which is a guilty pleasure of mine) that people on major news stations are actually "discussing" that George Washington among other early American whites owned slaves and how bad that was? Like, really? All of a sudden, this is an issue...

But enough of the obvious. In my experiences (this is not scientific), I've found that white women have the lowest self-esteem of anyone I've ever met. I could imagine why. If you're the standard, then you have to live up to your standard. All these shows about rich white people and their problems...gotta be difficult to watch those then look at your raggedy life...if you're white. Regarding white men...I wouldn't know. They don't approach me EVERY FUCKING DAY and start telling me about their problems. hehehe.

Now, every white person doesn't have this problem. The comfortably racist and righteously indignant white person doesn't care. They just live their life. The ones who have the most discomfort are the ones who are constantly telling themselves they're not racist...even though they haven't actually done the work to confront their privilege and actively fight racism---MESSAGE! They're the ones who are uncomfortable around Black people because they're afraid the hem of their racism might show. They're the ones who can't dance out of fear of releasing their body parts. Can't say too much around people because their true feelings might come out.  Always trying to be a part of what folks of color are doing because their "culture is so rich!" White culture is one of dominance and destruction. You HAVE a culture. You just don't like it.

Yep. Sucks to be white. hehehe. It sucks because your oppression and captivity comes from within and that's the hardest captivity to break from. Only the spirit is real and the spirit of many Whites has been absorbed by the free market. Sad situation.

To end on a positive note: As a friend of mine once said at a Justice Institute meeting "I'm White, but I can change." Racism and oppression does exist. Own it. Then change it.

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