Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Post Racism Society

Yeah whatever. This message is not for racist white people. This message is for people who are still trying to convince racist white people (1) that they're racist and (2) that they should care.

Things to think about:
1. It is not in the interest of a racist white person to fight least not directly, so get over it. As much as you're not going to eat right and exercise to prevent diabetes and heart disease (which is really fucking easy), they're not going to stop looking at your ass funny because you walked in the room.

2. There is no amount of culturally Caucasian and capitalistically congruent you can act or seem to make a racist white person with power change their opinion about Black people. At best, you'll become one of the "good negroes".

3. You will never be CEO of a Fortune 500 company that you didn't start yourself. Exceptions (a) kill all the white people and blame it on a Mexican, (b) commit a Herman Cain, (c) move to a 3rd World country, usurp the resources, and commit genocide among the people, enslave them, and appoint yourself emperor, or (d) become a pastor.

4. In the world of White, no one cares if you have a perm, locks, braids, shaved head, a mohawk, or plugs out your head. You can look as commercial as you want and someone will always find a reason to cap your salary.

5. If you're Black or White, racism only exists among Blacks and Whites. GTFOHWTBS. Stop being short sighted and naive. There are millions of dynamics of power in the world based on as many different characteristics of people as there are people in the world. Chances are, you contribute negatively to at least 8 of these on a daily basis. Don't think so? Ever heard yourself say "I'm not homophobic! My best friend is gay!" Again, I say, GTFOHWTBS.

I was recently accosted by YET ANOTHER Black person for not explaining to a sole White person among a GROUP of BLACK PEOPLE why their whiteness is privileged. Well, that sole white person who actually spends time having these kinds of conversations among Black people is not a problem to me. The black person who expects me to be the lightening rod of knowledge in every Black//White situation is what bothers me. Mostly they bother me because they interrupted my conversation, my bite of sandwich or whatever the hell else I was doing to make me a part of some bullshit. And frankly, it has nothing to do with race or the conversation. I resent anyone who interrupts me for bullshit. It could be relationship bullshit. It could be judgmental bullshit. Matter of fact, don't even talk to me unless you got your bullshit cleanser today.

So yeah, even though I don't really care to talk about racism to White people, My friend sent me this cartoon and I find it appropriate and funny.

And to end on a positive note: I love having conversations about how to make communities better. These, to me, are productive conversations. The more time and energy I spend in productive dialog, the better I feel that day. Besides, God didn't create racism. God created Africans. 

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