Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boycott Christmas 2013

Anyone who refers to the truth as "extreme" is no friend of mine. I can't control what happens outside of myself, but I can control who I deal with. Race has never been a defining factor as to whether or not "truth" can be accepted by an individual. However, identification with one's race and the factors that influence that identification can cause people to skew the truth in favor of maintaining solidarity with their ingroup.

For example, if we began seeing statues all over America of a tall, fit white man and the words "Martin Luther King" on a plaque underneath, many people would be outraged: people of all races, ethnicities, and cultures.

However, if these statues kept popping up and a few people wrote stories about the great white man named Martin Luther King who helped to give Blacks their civil rights...and then there were songs taught to children in school that accompanied cute animations that described how hard it was for Blacks and Martin Luther King white came to save them...eventually, people would start to believe that maybe Martin Luther King was white. In 5 years, it would be accepted as a historical fact that Martin Luther King was white.

Any elder of truth (regardless of race) would know this was wrong, but would be silenced as an agitator if they ever spoke on it. Eventually, these people would die and all generations would believe that Martin Luther King was white. The "I have a dream" speech would be re-recorded at some undisclosed location in Las Vegas using a white man's voice and history would be re-written.

If you knew the truth, could you celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday? Even if everyone around you told you it was anti-patriotic not to?

Well, that was a rhetorical question, but you probably know what I think. And this is why I will boycott anything Christian until there are no more portrayals of a white Jesus in any church, nativity scene, cartoon, movie, or illustrated book in America.

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