Sunday, April 21, 2013

On Urban Music: Confessions of a Solipsist

From bitches to hos to poppin' mollies to date rape as a way to achieve one's goals of fantasy fulfillment, the urban music market is full of reckless mess. Writers, poets, activists, academics, artist advocates, artists, and fans alike complain on a regular basis about all the shit they hear on radio. Yet, nothing changes. I must ask myself, why? Then, I answer myself: because people are conditioned to love it. 

I just spent the last 3 days at the ASCAP Conference. ASCAP stands for the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers. It is a public performance collection agency for songwriters and music publishers. It's basically a union for songwriters and music publishers that collects for radio, TV broadcasting, film, and other airplay among the heavy hitting money makers in the art industry.

So at the ASCAP conference, I gained a lot of fantastic information about how to carry myself as an independent artist. Unfortunately, I subjected myself to countless hours of listening to boring assed pop music that I hate in order to glean the information I needed, so in short, I had to "listen between the bullshit." For some reason, people are very squeamish about giving their opinion about how crappy something is based on their desire to refrain from being or being perceived as "judgmental". People are so concerned with what others think about their character that they will sit and listen to bullshit for HOURS with a SMILE on their face simply to be perceived as a "nice person". Then, they train themselves to love it. MAAAAAAAAAN GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT!!!!

I know what I like to listen to. As a result, I find it and I listen to it. I have no loyalties to Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Neo Soul, or any other genre that traditionally features black people. Why are black folks so dedicated to maintaining the moniker of "I [heart] Hip Hop" that they will subject themselves to bullshit in the name of loyalty instead of simply listening to the music they like?

So yeah, solipsism. I truly believe that I am the only person who exists in my Universe and that everyone and everything else in the Universe is a fabrication of my wild imagination. Essentially, this is true for everyone. However, people don't like my bluntness about it. They're constantly expecting me to want to give a shit about what they give a shit about simply because I might look like what they identify with. Any philosophy book, including the Bible, will tell you not to judge a book by its cover, yet people continue to do that with their own chagrin however, not to mine.

As a communally active solipsist, I do, however care about the suffering of other people, so I work to spread the good news of anti-oppression everywhere I go. However, I've noticed that if more people were more self-centered and simply pointed their brain attention in the direction of the shit they liked, folks wouldn't be subjecting themselves to meaningless macabre that leads to and perpetuates their feelings of oppression, inferiority, and unhappiness.

So that that I just said right there....did you see that?...yeah...that is ACTUALLY what people do ALL THE TIME: only point their brain attention in the direction of shit they like. Now, unfortunately, most black people in America are conditioned to search for and like more opportunities to oppress themselves. "You're conditioned" means that you believe that there is a connection between good or bad outcomes and some stimulus because you've been constantly exposed to associations between that stimulus and some outcome by an external force who's intention was to make sure you made that connection. That external force for Black people in America has always been Whitey. That's a problem and that's why I hate on whitey in almost everything I do (here's an example).

As it concerns black people's taste in music, they have been conditioned by the marketplace to believe that words like "Hip Hop", "R&B", "Soul", "Neo Soul" and "Urban" represent something that will expose them to something that is good for and relevant to them. As a result, black people are conditioned to pay attention to music with these labels, even if it's destructive. Why? Because they're not listening to the voice within and instead are just eating the bullshit that's fed to them. Then we thinking folks have to clean up the mess.

Well, as a communally active solipsist, I will dedicate myself to preventing some of the mess through education. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I'm a preventative activist. I don't deal with after the fact bullshit. It's too much and too violent. Educate now or the cops will deal with the fallout later.

This is my solipsistic confession: nobody exists but me. As a result, no label, group of labels, industry, race, sex, religion, political affiliation or any other Babylonian concept is going to stop me from doing what I actually like by conspiring to make me think that shit's good for me. Fuck that. Teach your children to fuck that as well.


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