Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What is a Thug to Do?

In this culture, we are trained to be told what we want and then find ourselves within the parameters of what is allowed. This approach only works for those whose wants are congruent with what is allowed. For most of us, what we really want lies outside of the parameters of what is allowed in this culture. So what do we do?

We have to return to self. In order to discover what we really want, we must look within. No one on the outside can give us instruction on our desires. They can help us to understand their desires and even recruit us to help them fulfill their desires, but they cannot tell us what we want.

Culture does not rule us. It merely provides structure. The structure is there to prevent chaos among those who refuse to think for themselves. It is only a suggestion. It has no bearing to our inner self.

Laws are parameters. They are in place to protect us. If a law does not make sense, figure out how to get around it. Every man made law has loopholes. The loopholes are designed to enable the privileged to do whatever they need to fulfill their wants. The privileged are not those with the most money or highest class standing. Those are superficial things. The privileged are those with the most knowledge and understanding. Without knowledge and understanding, wealth and class will lead to self destruction.

Until we go inside, we will never find ourselves. But once we find ourselves, we will be more aware of our true desires and wants. Then, we will discover what we want. When we know what we want, we can get it.

Thug Life,

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