Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pedicabo Mundi

I had just finished writing The Tao of Pimpin' and decided to start working on an album for a label I wanted to work with. So I went to Joseba's house and said "help!" and he said "ok" and I recorded this at his studio. Then, I didn't release it. Last night, I realized that the only way people would understand the creative direction I'm headed in is if they heard the context. Because not too many people have read the book. And hearing a song is easier than reading a book.
So to catch people up to where I'm at in my head in order to prevent their discomfort when I have to respond "go masturbate, you harmless inchworm" to their requests that I say or do something other than what I'm saying or doing for no other reason than to appease their insecurities, I present to the world PEDICABO MUNDI! It's Latin for "fuck the world."

The concept of this track is a play on Aguas de Marco. A lyric heavy Brazilian Portuguese song that I learned in order to increase my Portuguese vocabulary. Matt, the guy who owns the label I spoke about earlier, suggested that my version of Aguas de Marco would sound something like this. I thought that was funny, but I wasn't going to do it...but I couldn't help myself. Suggestion is a powerful force. And really, the suggestion just helped provide a framework for my inevitable "Fuck Everything" themed art project.

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