Friday, December 26, 2014

Have Merthy

Thanks to Tekhen for finding this on the internet. :) 

A new poem by Blue entitled "Have Merthy"

Hath he not given uth
enough laughs to lath
a lifetime? Doeth hith unique
fathe and voith not offer
retributhon enough
for the ear he hath bitten,
the women he hath hitten,
and the skullth he hath splitten?
There onth wath a time and spathe
when we yelled hith name
in the threeths. A time when
he wath the champion
of the world. And
we were confident
that there would be no other.
But alath, he ith now the meme
that reprethenth a void.
An emptineth.
A relinquithing of reathon
When we have
to thay.
Even Robin Giventh hath
moved on.
Have merthy.


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