Monday, September 9, 2013

Hard 4 Dees Hos

Hos are a peculiar breed. But I can empathize. Now, I don't want them around me...but I can certainly understand their plight. It's hard out here for these hos. And they don't see a way out except to bring someone else down. The idea of just doing better never quite enters their consciousness. They might almost do better, but then, they don't. 

Honess is a result of never questioning the world and never exploring counter-realities. One thing hos have in common is that their knowledge base is made up of things that people have told them. Their experiences are marred by tragedy and defense, but they have rarely been in positions to make empowered decisions. If they find themselves in such a position, they become extremely frightened. Pimps take advantage of that fear and offer hos a "way." There are a lot of "ways", but once a ho has grabbed on to a way, they will defend that way until they die. 

We all have a bit of ho in us just like we all have a bit of awesome in us. But like the good wolf and the evil wolf, that which survives is that which we feed. 


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