Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hot Fun in the Portland Sun

Just came from the convenience store. I asked the clerk how his day was going. He said "Long. Folks keep coming in here for AC because they house is hot. I be like 5 minute maximum. Get yo ass outta here."

Nobody has AC in Portland. And every year, it gets hot for about 2 weeks and all the fans sell out at Target and Fred Myers (the we sell every damn thing store)...apparently people buy new fans every year...I don't know. This year, it's been hot all summer. It usually ain't this hot this long. However, being from the StL, THIS AIN'T SHIT! I'm loving this 90 degree during the day 70 degree at night weather. Ya'll just don't KNOW!!! Cuz I know that when it gets hot in StL, it's 110 degrees with a 150 degree heat index and 100% humidity. We be prayin' for thunderstorms cuz at least then the humidity will fall down instead of just hover. Then, the power goes out and everybody ends up and McDonalds trying to get AC and ice and folks be angry than a muthafucka. These Portlandians don't know heat. They don't know how good they got it.


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