Friday, September 13, 2013


As it concerns media, media access, and the stories told, no one considers that the stories come from the imaginations of the storytellers who built the machine. If a whiteness story is told BY a white writer and a POC is the star, he or she will undoubtedly look out of place. Then "we" complain that media "misrepresents us." The media, as we know it, is controlled and operated by old white men. They built it. They set the rules. If I build my house and set the rules and you don't like the rules, get out of my house. If we want accurate representations of ourselves, we have to create and implement these representations. And there are many more ways to do this than television: books, zines, music, education, food, cinema, dance, etc. The internet is a fantastic tool. If you ever have a complaint about how "we" are represented (whoever "we" may be), get your own medium and get busy. You've just nominated yourself as a part of the solution. No excuses. Nope. Not even that.

Oh, and about "them" providing "us" access just because we "demanded it": that is fundamentally ridiculous. Why would I let you into my house if I didn't want you there? And if you demanded entry into my house, I would defend my house by any means necessary. And so would you. So get over it. It's time to grow up.

Another option is to simply unplug. Believe it or not, "we" were never trying to escape nature until we aligned ourselves with "them."

Can you think of other options? I'm sure you can! Let's think of options! Then, let's follow through! YAY!!!!


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