Monday, September 2, 2013

Pronounce It Correctly.

Qongqothwane (translation: knock knock beetle) is a beautiful song in the language of the Xhosa people of South Africa, made famous by Miriam Makeba (who starred as Sarafina's mother in Sarafina). I was first introduced to Xhosa by my historian buddy in crime, Bobert, who made me spicy umngqusho and brought it to my house, but wouldn't let me have it until I pronounced it correctly.

This video features Miriam Makeba performing the Xhosa song "Qongqothwane" which has been nicknamed "The Click Song" by Europeans who can't (or won't) pronounce it correctly.

As Bobert also pointed out, there is evidence from all over the world that people are shifting from just "tolerating" each other to participating in cultural immersion. Cultural immersion is how we learn about the meaning behind the things that we see other cultures do. Once we learn the meanings, we move from being just tolerant to being appreciative: realizing that everyone's culture is really just a window into learning more about ourselves. Watch this:



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