Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From my Aunt, the genius.

Meet my Aunt Valerie. She's a genius. Some people say she's no good. Fuck them people. I asked my Aunt Valerie what she could tell me about life. This is what she told me:

man's life, better known as society, is fueled with greed, deceptions and lies.

i have learned that i am a product of a spiritual verb and not a physical noun.

sometimes i wonder if GOD and the devil are playing a chess game with me being one of the chess pieces just to see if i will totally show the devil that i that have a deep rooted faith in GOD.

friendship, money, & sex don't mix.

i have learned to laugh at myself and the devil..

i don't take life seriously

a closed hand can't receive or give.

you can learn plenty from the best bullshitter; whether on the street, on the job, or in church.

the best rest in my life came when i slept on the sidewalk. when you lie that low, there is nothing left that anyone can take from you.

forgiveness is the most rewarding sensation.

rape is rape weather physically, emotionally, mentality, and or spiritually.

majority of my blessings come from strangers, me blessing someone with a meal from my table, and just saying may GOD bless you.

never learn the real meaning to lazy.

remember this is a container that hosts one soul with many... and i mean many spirits attached to it.

rainy days are the best days to run errands. all the bitter depressed people stay at home.

i am thankful for meeting my angels in this lifetime.

the most powerful knowledge is GOD'S given common sense. that, something told me, is GOD'S voice.

i have accepted that my ass is flat and my stomach is round because they got switched during this growing old graceful process.

i just realized i am fifteen years away from seventy.

a true-grit friend accepts you with ALL your mood swings and know not to take it personally. i guess that is why i don't have any friends.

when a person talks ill of your personality traits, they are really talking about themselves.

i found out that prayer, faith, and belief leaves no room for doubt, stress, depression, and worry.

believe it or not, i don't give a damn if i am a not remembered after i cross over.

it is a damn shame that you have to pay while you are in this physical realm and after the spirit is released from the container there is always a funeral vulture standing by to try to collect for disposing of the container. hell just throw my container over in the canyon and let it deteriorate like the rest of the biodegradeable containers.

i will always be homeless. i just can't believe in the hype that you can purchase a home. if that is so, why is there a yearly property tax on something you purchased and already paid the included taxes? that is that society's bullshit. i just don't understand.

there is no honor between thieves and robbers.. that is why the government is so fucked up. ill gotten goods are meant to be shared.

a liar and a cheat go hand in hand.

love valerie

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