Tuesday, August 27, 2013


How do you tell people that they suck?

If I am asked or invited into a conversation about bullshit, I'll call it because life is too short to be, well, bullshittin'. However, if I'm not asked or invited, and I just show up, I won't offer anything but a smile. Know why? Because I'm trying to train people to leave me the fuck out of bullshit.

I don't like telling people that they suck. I prefer to look inside and evaluate the varying ways in which I suck. Then, I work to accept that I'm sucking and either suck with more aggression or correct my approach. Denial only wastes time and ain't nobody got time for that. Furthermore, I don't really care if people see that I suck. I know I suck. I'm a human being. As a result, sucking is what I do. Sucking is what humans do very well because we've been doing it since we were infants.

If more people looked within and simply admitted that they suck, then accepted that they suck, they'd be able to spend more time either altering their behavior or being the best sucker in the world. We are a culture of cowards who are afraid to suck or be seen sucking. Fear of confronting the truth is a huge reason for why we're so damn stagnant. Furthermore, when we're doing us well, other people's sucking only becomes an opportunity for us to be the change we want to see.

So from me to you: you suck. I also suck. So let's stop celebrating bullshit because frankly, I don't like doing that. And if you must celebrate bullshit, LEAVE ME the FUCK OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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