Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Bisexual Visibility Day!

I discovered recently that squares become offended when they don't know whose genitalia you are willing to rub on. I never quite understood this except that it seems that squares are very insecure about their decisions and the people they decide their decisions with, so us folks who don't have those problems are seen as threats. Who knew? right?
But now that I know, I make sure that everyone knows whose genitalia I'm rubbing on. I am one of those folks who only likes to rub on one set of genitals at a time. And frankly, I plan to be rubbing on the same set of genitals for the rest of my life (well 2 sets, if you count mine).
But alas...there is still a dilemma. Those who see the genitals I'm going to be rubbing on for life assume that they can possibly sway me away from those genitals and into the genitals of another (because they're narcissistic and selfish). This wouldn't be a problem except that the framework leads to the assumption that I'm interested in rubbing a certain type of genitals. So as a result, the people who recklessly flirt at me are sadly disappointed when I don't respond in the way that they would have predicted. I am not the type of person to want to attract unwanted attention just to disappoint (though those who are attracted would respectfully argue otherwise. Who am I to dash their assumptions?)
However, I just found out from my friend Kerry that today is Bisexual Visibility Day! In the olden days, when I would only rub on penises, these types of things seemed frivolous and silly. Like, what's the point of celebrating whose genitals you're rubbing on? However, now that I'm rubbing on genitals that are more similar to mine, I am learning that it makes a huge difference. The entire way that our culture is set up is based on the assumption that a woman is always going to choose to rub a man's genitals and a man will always choose to rub a woman's genitals while rubbing another woman's genitals on the side.
But I don't live by the rules of our culture. I live by my own rules. And as a result, the sooner I let people know that, the less likely it will be that I'll disappoint them by not returning their flirts. So thank goodness that my people have created a day where they simply say "hey. I exist. So stop being tunnel focused and recognize that there's more going on than your caveman patriarchal narcissistic mentality would have you believe. That's right. I have options. Lots of them."

So I am sharing this image for 4 reasons. One, in solidarity with other people who don't need the rules of this culture to dictate whose genitals they rub on. Two, in order to let everyone know that I'm in support of equal opportunity genital rubbing. Three, to pay homage to the people who struggled for sexual freedom and safety in this society, enabling me to not give a shit about what people think (a privilege that I take full advantage of). But mostly, because I am a person who doesn't believe in pursuing a relationship based on the types of genitals I want to poke and squeeze. I love the person who is willing to roll with me in this unpredictable and exciting journey called life. I love the person who is willing to care for me and about me when I don't even care for or about myself. I love the person who values my humanity and prioritizes my safety and happiness above even her own. And I love her so much that I want to rub her genitals because I'm a touchy-feely kinda person. And I don't give a shit who's offended. Suck my balls. They're in the second drawer on the left.
Happy Bisexual Visibility Day!!!

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