Monday, September 22, 2014

Slavery vs. Ho Shit

There is a lot of propaganda about slavery that is circulating on the internet. The goal of this propaganda is to get the public to believe that all American citizens are slaves working a giant plantation that is run by the economic top 1% of American citizens. I love a good conspiracy theory. In fact, I have many of my own...because America engages in many conspiracies to keep the larger populace working mindlessly for the advancement of a global agenda that is really going to backfire and end up a Chinese oligarchy which is fine with me because I like the Chinese. They didn't rob the continent of my ancestors and destroy family and tribal units over and over again through the institution of chattel slavery and the continued irreverent use of "urban sprawl" aka "gentrification" to justify continual community dismemberment in order to rectify their insecurities by attempting to position themselves as superior over indigenous cultures who had established civilizations based in love, food, and family long before they decided to flee British religious persecution in pursuit of capitalism...but the sensationalism of conspiracy theories and the spooky music in the zeitgeist videos is just a distraction that keeps many people from making sense of their current lack of funds. In the spirit of foundational clarity towards greater discernment of propaganda (or FCTGDOP) I am using this status update to explain the difference between "slavery" and "ho shit."
Slavery is a system of forced labor toward the building of an empire. A slave is someone whose rights have been stripped away and whose punishment for violating orders is much greater than the crime. For example, a slave who doesn't meet a quota might get 50 lashings, or a slave who looks at massa or massa's wife the wrong way might get killed. Slavery is an inhumane institution that continues in many hoods where people are criminalized for simply existing, the systemic de-creditation of their public schools leading to inability to qualify for acceptance into higher education institutions after high school, and the lack of investment in quality food and planting of trees that have been shown to increase quality of life and health within a region. This is why many cities aren't really cities anymore, but a collection of municipalities that have different police forces and tax bases in order to control and manipulate the people who are living in abject poverty and protect and defend those who own land and property. The only way out of slavery is to escape which is difficult because if other slaves perceive that you are attempting to escape, they will either discourage it for fear of consequences or they will try to prevent it out of jealousy. So discretion is absolutely necessary for an escape to occur. It is a lonely road, but once embarked upon, the escapee learns that there is an underground railroad designed specifically to get people to the point where they are free to choose their own path.!top-by-blue/c10zzWhich brings us to ho shit. Ho shit is part of a dynamic process that includes a pimp, a ho, and a trick. A pimp is someone who sells hos to tricks. Confused pimps use manipulation and lies to accomplish their goals. Pimps with clarity employ The Tao of Pimpin'. A ho is someone who is sold by a pimp to a trick in exchange for protection and security. A trick is someone who buys a ho from a pimp. There is no hoin' without a pimp and there is no trickin' without a ho. They all work together towards the realization of pimpin'. Pimpin' does not work collaboratively. There is no family of pimps or conspiracy of pimps. There is 1 pimp and 1 pimp can have many hos, but in order for pimpin' to work, hos have to be loyal. Loyalty is not something that can be forced upon an individual. Loyalty is a free choice. If a ho chooses at any point to leave a pimp, that ho will be broke of all the protection and security and left alone in a back alley to make new choices. The ho is in control of hoself until the ho chooses to relinquish that control to a pimp. as you can see, not every lack of funds is the result of forced labor. Many people have chosen to relinquish their control. The reasons people make the choices they make are vast, but if someone has a choice and chooses to give up their rights to a pimp, this is not slavery. This is ho shit.

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