Monday, September 22, 2014

Let's Talk Tribal Secession

Folks from privileged backgrounds want me to tell their story. I can't do that. My mother was a whore and my father was a hustler with no hustle. So I can't sincerely and genuinely talk about what it's like to have problems with racism. I don't give a shit about white people, I don't need their acceptance, and I don't want to be like them in any way. Who do you think has the money to afford a whore who doesn't want the community to know she's a whore? It's not the black folks in the ghetto. That's for damn sure.
A ghetto is an organized place where poor people are placed into cheap housing without proper social services to manage the culture of poverty. Then, they do drugs to escape their reality, have sex with tricks to pay for their drugs, then get pregnant and make babies that they neglect. Then, their children have to raise themselves and their siblings which results in their inability to do well in school. Then, the children don't graduate and they can't pursue higher education. So they end up working at minimum wage jobs. It's a system that needs poor people to work it. Always has been. Always will be. If "ghetto" is a bad word, it should reflect badly on the US government for being incapable of living up to its high ideals and, as a result, stashes its poor in open air prisons monitored by police who keep the perimeter guarded so that the poor people don't get into the rich neighborhoods.

When it's the United Nations in your house growing up, you don't give a shit about race because you know that men just wanna get their dicks wet and women just want to keep their reputations clear. However, if you want to talk about systemic poverty that is racially driven from the top down based on the history of the punk assed British who moved to this land and pillaged every person of color they came across in the name of "liberty," then we can start talking about a counter strategy which will probably include education or a form of tribal secession. However, if you just want what white people have, then stop wasting my time.

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