Friday, July 26, 2013

Be Yourself. Anything Else is Wack.

Viewer writes:

Blue! I can be very socially awkward and it makes people uncomfortable. I don't like making people uncomfortable! What should I do?

Blue writes:

Expecting people's level of comfort to fluctuate based on your ability to wow them socially is selfish. If you want to make people feel comfortable, be yourself. It takes the pressure off of you and them to appear comfortable in each others' presence. In addition, being yourself, especially if it's awkward, gives others permission to be themselves which actually results in their increased comfort. Eventually, you will learn that everybody is socially awkward and you can all be socially awkward together. What relief, right? Then you can have conventions where everyone dresses up as a character from your favorite TV sci fi drama because since everyone knows they're awkward and no one gives a shit, you can all can dress up and pretend to be a character you opposed to dressing up and pretending to be a character that makes other people comfortable...which is wack...really, really ridiculously wack.


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