Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dream Your Own Dreams.

Yesterday, I went to see 20 Feet From Stardom at the Living Room Theatre in Portland, OR. It was a great movie and it reminded me of why I see so many artists who are missing their dreams. Artists don't have a grasp of (1) their power (2) a vision and (3) a strategy. Here are some things that I was reminded by watching this documentary:
(1) You have to be honest with yourself about what you really want. If you want to be a star, you have to do star things. The public is attracted to drama and star personalities. If this is not something you want to mimic, perhaps you should re-evaluate what you really want out of this life journey.
(2) Money does not come from doing a thing. Money comes from the business strategy associated with having a VISION. Money is only a tool. It is not a savior and should never be viewed as a goal. Money is an OUTCOME of a VISION that is EXECUTED STRATEGICALLY.
(3) If you see another person doing something great, appreciate what they're doing and leave it at that. You will never be able to do what they do. You are not them! Trying to be like them is the first step toward never accomplishing your dreams...you will only always just replicate the manifestations of the dreams of those you admire and never actually dream your own dreams. Learn to dream your own dreams! Then pursue YOUR dreams!!!
(4) Learn to enjoy the service to others that are the result of you exercising your gifts and talents. Don't focus on getting praise, claps, or money. Focus on giving your talents away for free. Then, when you're done giving, explore and exercise more giving opportunities!
(5) Be thankful for your accomplishments and celebrate your ideas! Surround yourself with people who like your ideas! Don't try to convince people who don't like you that they should like you! That shit is a waste of fucking life moments!!!

If you're looking at the performance that I'm doing and enjoying it, that's great! That's exactly what you're supposed to be doing. I designed it to be entertaining and keep you laughing. On the flip side do not envy me or try to mimic what you see me doing. I am so much more dynamic than what you see. If you only focus on what you see, you are missing the opportunities to dream your own dreams. If you would like to discuss your vision with me, I would love to hear it and help you strategize. However, do not attempt to do what I'm doing. You won't get far because what I'm doing is crazy, unbelievable, completely senseless, impossible, inexplicable, and constantly evolving. I function on pure mania.


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