Tuesday, July 9, 2013

For Colored Girls Who Considered a Sandwich when a Salad Wasn't Enough

We do things because we want to see the world better. However, when the people begin to celebrate our accomplishments, we feel the pressure to not let them down. We were ready for the haters, but nobody prepared us for the fans.

Every person who doesn't like you is a gift. A test to see if you really are who you think you are. If you can stand as yourself in the face of opposition over and over again, you will eventually fly. If you yield to the desires of those who don't like you even once, you will never know your true purpose.

The world is nothing like what I thought it was. It's way more unstable than that.

Do not be discouraged by a skeet paycheck. Truth is, everybody sells drugs and/or engages in other forms of criminal and/or deceptive activities to make ends meet. If you don't have money, it's probably because you're legit. Don't give up hope. ‎#legitcanwork

And though I don't advocate illegitimacy, if you must be illegit for any reason, have a clear and well developed end game. You can't be a criminal forever. Set a limit. Get in. Get out. Don't believe me? Ask an old thug. You don't get old bein no fool.

You will fail 197 times before you succeed, but oh how great will be that success. However, if you fear the first failure, you won't make it to the second.

True courage is living as a bright shining light despite knowing that you may not ever be remembered.

To make art for the purpose of making money is to pray for the purpose of personal gain.

Futility is a recipe for insanity.

How empty must we be to define success through acquisition of things external?

If you get it dishonest, you can only get it once and you will have to fight to keep it. If you get it honest, you can get it over and over again and you will be compelled to give it away over and over again.

If you get it dishonest, no one will be able to learn from you. You will be marred in secrets that you must take to your grave. If you get it honest, you will tell the good news and everyone can benefit from your wisdom.

If you get it dishonest, you will always be paranoid and distrustful. If you get it honest, you will never have a care in the world and every day will be like your very first day and every new stranger will be your friend.

Honesty and integrity are the only real way. Everything else is an illusion. Stick to the way. Get it honest.

Success is like 75 lbs. You don't recognize growth until someone shows you a picture of yourself from high school.

I wonder if the "eligible bachelors who have money and can't find a quality woman" are ever gonna realize that their bad luck has nothing to do with "no good women."

I also wonder...

...if the "single and fabulous bachelorettes with great looks and great jobs who can't find a quality man" are ever gonna realize that their bad luck has nothing to do with "no good bruthas."

The world may never know....

Keep in mind: you're only a ho if you're selling. If you ain't doin shit, you just ain't doin shit.


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